What is a pitbull made of

One to two Bulldogs were set to harass a bull for hours until the animal collapsed from fatigue, injuries or both. These matches were held for the entertainment of the struggling classes; a source of relief from the tedium of hardship. However, in the British Parliament enacted the Cruelty to Animals Act , which prohibited the baiting of some animals such as the bull and bear. This practice pitted dogs against rats in which they were timed to see whose dog would kill the most rats in the least amount of time.

How to put up an awning on a caravan

Once you've been through the process of choosing your awning , and hopefully armed with a little knowledge of the prodcut you've purchased, it's time to test it out. To help save you some time, we've put together this quick guide on how to put up a caravan awning. Each awning has its own way of going up so always read the user instructions carefully all the way through before erecting for the first time. Remember the first time will be the trickiest, so do not despair. First thread the awning cord through the channel, starting at the end or one of the widened entry points. The easiest way is to have one person feed the awning cord in at the start point usually the rear end of the caravan is best , and the other helps it along to the end unless that person is tall a step will be needed.

How to find someone on facebook by cell phone number

Thanks to the development of the internet and easy access to Wi-Fi through a smartphone, computer, tablet, and so forth, everyone is leaving a digital footprint. Now those pesky and heavy books that are thrown at your doorstep are a thing of the past. Whenever we get a phone book tossed on our doorstep, it immediately goes right to our recycling bin. Google is the most obvious choice when trying to do a simple search.

What types of atoms form ionic bonds

The word "compound" has several definitions. In the field of chemistry, "compound" refers to a "chemical compound. A compound is a chemical species that is formed when two or more atoms join together chemically, with covalent or ionic bonds. Compounds may be categorized according to the type of chemical bonds holding the atoms together:. Note that some compounds contain a mixture of ionic and covalent bonds. Also note, a few scientists do not consider pure elemental metals to be compounds metallic bonds.

How to make paper helicopters

Learn how to make a flying paper helicopter that will spin in the air. This paper helicopter experiment is great for young kids to learn about air resistance. Well today, we are going to take paper airplanes up a notch and make a paper helicopter. This is an awesome STEM experiment for your preschoolers or young kids because the helicopters are easy to make and fun to play with. You may be wondering how a paper helicopter flies.

How to help clean up the environment

We no longer live in a clean world. In fact, today, humans are leaving a lot more carbon footprint as a part of their toxic legacy than they ever did. No matter what we do, where we go, what we eat or what we wear - each action of ours add to the ever increasing pollution that is already killing us. Pollution, like a slow poison, creates an adverse effect on the overall global environment.

How to paint pumpkins on nails

Need some pumpkin painting ideas. If you are looking for some fall decorating ideas, I have a great DIY Pumpkins with metallic acrylic paint and spray paint project for you to try. I was hoping to make these cheap, plastic pumpkins look a bit more classy so I could use them in my fall home decor. In my opinion, this project did just that. This post contains affiliate links which means I will make a commission should you purchase something through one of my links. See Disclosure policy for details.

What is a certificate of registration passport

There will be no changes to other Yahoo properties or services, or your Yahoo account. You can find more information about the Yahoo Answers shutdown and how to download your data on this help page. If you acquired British Citizenship through another way other than being born a British citizen then you would have been given one of these certificates to prove that you are now a British citizen. Naturalisation is gaining citizenship as an adult. Registration is a process that allows usually a child to be registered as British if certain requirements are met.

What is the windows firewall service

With the release of Windows 10 version in September , it was renamed Windows Defender Firewall. It was disabled by default due to concerns with backward compatibility, and the configuration screens were buried away in network configuration screens that many users never looked at. As a result, it was rarely used. In mid, the Blaster worm attacked a large number of Windows machines, taking advantage of flaws in the RPC Windows service. The ongoing prevalence of these worms through resulted in unpatched machines being infected within a matter of minutes.