How to connect two wireless routers to extend range

how to connect two wireless routers to extend range

How to Connect Two Routers to Extend Range and Enhance Connectivity?

Feb 07,  · To do the same, the easiest and the most promising way to connect two routers is by using Ethernet, though you may be able to use a wireless router to connect to the primary router with your secondary router. Method 1: Utilize the Prompt Use of Ethernet Network. To start with the process, make sure to determine the main Wi-Fi router. Mar 26,  · Step 1: First, head to the Wireless section and click the Basic Settings tab. Step 2: Set Wireless Mode to Repeater. Step 3: Set Wireless Network Mode to match your Jon Martindale.

If you have established a local area network at home for sharing Internet connection. A single wireless router may not reach certain areas of your home. Walls and various obstructions like a book shelf, may interfere with the wireless signal. You can easily extend router wi-fi range, with a repeater or create a wireless access points.

Its a DIY project, a very simple way to extend router wi-fi range your existing router with a second router. So that every room and corner of your house is covered. As an example lets assume your Router — 1default gateway its IP address is This will prompt you for a username name and password to access the routers settings.

This will vary from router to router, please read the router documentation. In most case it could be Admin and password or Admin and admin or Admin and password blank no password.

STEP 3: Once you are in the routers settings, go to wireless settings and take note of the following 1. Wireless mode. The SSID. The Channel which channel your router is transmitting. Since we will have to apply the same on the second router.

And also your secret pass phrase, if there is any. Once you have noted down these close the browser. This is all we need to know now. Than power on the router 2. Open the web browser I prefer Chrome and type You may also try You may also Google to find the IP address of your router brand from the makers site.

Than log on to the router 2 with the default user name and password. What does your birthdate mean the Router settings, you will need to change the following — Wireless mood, the channel, Security mood and also the passphrase so that what is the code word for u matches with your ROUTER — 1.

You may change the SSID so you can differentiate between the two router. Security mood to match Router Most important make sure that the subnet mask is same as we noted down earlier in step —1. Save all settings and exit. Our configurations of the two routers is now complete. Here is a diagram to show the connections of the two Router. Click on the Image For A larger Image.

Now power on both the routers and connect your computer or mobile to the second router via Wi-Fi or a LAN cable. Since three LAN ports are still free to use. And get wireless signal in every corner of your house. Hello Sanjay!! And thank you for the comment. Last updated on May 17th, What causes heavy periods in perimenopause you have established a local area network at home for sharing Internet connection.

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Aug 13,  · How To Connect Two Routers together using Wired LAN Cable on one home network to increase or extend WiFi Signal Range.#WiFiRouters #LanCable #LocalGuyTech #E. Mar 17,  · Link to a Second Wired Router. Take the second router that does not support wireless connection and connect it to the primary router with an Ethernet cable. Connect one point of the cable to the new router’s uplink port while the other end must be connected to any free port on the first router (not the uplink port). Join a Second Wi-Fi Router. May 17,  · To connect the router 2 insert one end of the RJ 45 LAN connector in one of the routers LAN port and the other end to the computer’s Ethernet power on the router 2. Open the web browser(I prefer Chrome) and type – this .

You know what it takes to connect to the internet — a router, a computer, and a cable. Most of the homeowners, after deep research, opt for the best internet connection available in their area. Whether it be Spectrum Cox, Mediacom or Frontier, you can extend the range and number of connections to a limited number.

However, adding the second router would help in prolonging the range as well as the number of connections, your internet can handle. Which, according to a number of reports, spectrum internet was able to handle. With the increased number of connected devices at home and heavy internet usage, at some point, you will need to connect two routers to enhance connectivity and extend the range.

In this article, we are going to help you connect two routers simultaneously to extend the range and ensure maximum number of connections. While setting up a new router, make sure to place the router near Windows PC or any other computer to configure the basic settings. Whether it be wireless routers or wired routers, in both cases they are configured when connected to a computer through an Ethernet cable. However, later on, you can change the placement of your router. Take the second router that does not support wireless connection and connect it to the primary router with an Ethernet cable.

Similar to wired routers, Wi-Fi routers can also be connected through Ethernet cable. You can surely connect dual home routers over wireless, but in most of the cases, the second router can only work as a wireless access point as an alternative to a router. The second router should be configured in client mode to ensure full functioning. If the primary and second routers are both wireless, the Wi-Fi signals can conflict with each other, which may result in a poor connection and erratic network stoppages.

Each Wi-Fi router has specific frequency ranges known as channels. The signal disruption occurs when the two routers use similar or corresponding channels.

By default, Wi-Fi routers use different channels based on the model. However, the settings can be altered in the router. To avoid any signal disruption on both routers, set the primary router to use channel one or six and the second one to use channel Depending on the model of network routers, each one uses a default IP address. The aforementioned steps will help you configure the added router to upkeep a subnetwork. It also helps maintain a high level of control over explicit devices, like setting limitations on internet access.

Moreover, the second router can be set as an Ethernet network switch or in case of wireless as an access point.

The arrangements allow devices to link to the second router, without creating a subnetwork. For homes who need to enhance basic internet access along with enabling file and printer sharing to other computers, a no-subnetwork setup is enough — however, it needs a different settings procedure.

All these steps are applicable only if you want to extend the range and maximize the number of connections. It is advised not to take action unless or until you are sure, you can do without disrupting other settings and configurations.

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