How to fit a wooden venetian blind

how to fit a wooden venetian blind

How to Fit Venetian Blinds DIY Advice

Sep 09, Please visit us online if you are interested in buying one of our large range of Wooden Venetian blinds from our Made to Measure Jul 25, Make My Blinds - Installing Wooden BlindsFitting your new Wooden Blind should be simple, and enjoyable. Just follow the instructions below, check out the vid.

So, you've thought through the design of your homemeasured up your windowsand made some decisions about the blinds that are going to work best for you, your family and your home - venetian blinds. But how are you going to install them? While installing venetian blinds is straightforward, you'll want to do it properly so you can show off your blinds fkt their full potential, ensure they sit neatly against the window, there is no unnecessary light seepage and so on.

Still not sure what to do with your window furnishings? Our Made to Measure service makes choosing your curtains, blinds, shutters and outdoor how to do e wallet easy.

Let's take it step-by-step The first thing you should do is measure your window's height and width, if you don't already have the measurements. Windows can be different sizes all the way down, so take your measurements at least three spots for the width, and three for the height. Add a couple of centimeters to each measurement so you get blinds that cover the whole window. Once you've measured your windows, you can attach the brackets.

Use a grey lead pencil to mark a spot for two brackets - one on each side of the window - and make sure they're at the same height and depth on the window frame. If you have really wide windows, you could also add a third bracket to the middle of the frame, which can give additional support blinv the blind. If you want, you can use qooden spirit level to make sure the brackets are in-line with each other. Use a drill with an impact driver attachment so the brackets are firmly attached. Next, you can install the blinds.

Mount the blinds to the brackets while they're still furled how to change sleep mode. All you have to do is lift the blinds and then snap them in place. Secure the cord to the window so it stays in one place, as well as ensure the safety of any small children that may be in the home. Use a screwdriver to attach the small cord bracket.

Don't use stick-on attachments - they're not as strong. That's it! You can now congratulate yourself on a job well wooden. Join for free.

Venetian Blinds Fitting Advice

When ordering your new blinds, select recess as your fit option and enter your measurements. For all of our venetian blinds, we deduct 12 millimetres from the width to allow room for the control mechanism. Youll also get a matching valance that is cut to your dimension to cover the headrail. Hang the blinds make sure you insert the blinds into the bracket the right way round (check the cord winder is at the top) and secure them in place. If youre still unsure about how to install Venetian blinds, its worth contacting a professional blind installer. Sep 02, Fitting and installing a venetian blinds yourself? Make sure you watch this video first so you can confidently put up your own venetian DirectBlindsUK.

Fitting stylish Venetian blinds can give your home a new lease of life find out how to fit a Venetian blind in our simple minute guide.

Venetian blinds are a great choice for both the home and office as they provide flexible amounts of light and privacy and look simple and attractive.

With their horizontal slats and pulley controls, Venetian blinds are easy to use and adjust and come in all kinds of colours and designs; shop around to find one that suits your home. Still not convinced? Here are some of the key benefits of installing Venetian blinds.

Many blind suppliers will offer a free or discounted fitting service should you need it. Here are some simple instructions for fitting Venetian blinds:.

Lean how to measure windows. Attaching brackets brackets need to be drilled into the wall to hold your blinds in place. Learn how to attach brackets. Hang the blinds make sure you insert the blinds into the bracket the right way round check the cord winder is at the top and secure them in place. Learn how to hang window blinds. About us Contact us Privacy Policy. Benefits of Venetian Blinds? Venetian blinds are popular in homes and offices; here are some of the reasons why:.

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