How to install yellow dog linux 6.1 on ps3

how to install yellow dog linux 6.1 on ps3

Run Yellow Dog Linux (YDL) on PS3 Tutorial

Dec 28,  · Insert the Yellow Dog Linux DVD into the Blu-Ray player of the PlayStation 3 and go to Settings -> System Settings -> Install OtherOS. The PS3 . Before you install Yellow Dog Linux, you will use the PS3 GameOS to split the drive into 2 major partitions: one for saving game data, music, and photos the other for Yellow Dog Linux In this respect, both the GameOS and Yellow Dog Linux maintain their own unique volumes on which to store data.

This new YDL uses the graphics memory of the Playstation 3 which means alot of applications will run alot better. Twice the ram available to the OS should make a huge difference. I just might have to give YDL a second shot I have YDL 6 but I want to try out 6. I have a question do you have to download the roms and emus through the actual PS3 or do you download them from your PC and transfer to PS3? Please respond because I'm itching for some emu goodness, I haven't played any in a long ass time.

Doctor Thanks. I have another question. Are there any risks? So how to get rid of thrift store smell it easy to get this running? Nevermind, I am reading the Installation Guide. I' such a lazy motherphucker I wish there was an easy way to do this. Maybe if I take the time but man this looks great. Owner you know a video or link to do all this. Cus man Or you could just PM the guy Youtube as he is also on the forum link I just posted.

On a side note I have to laugh at all these immature uninformed fanboys running rampant around here It's actually sad that they can't see past the bias. As for installation of my YDL 6. It could not have been easier. Hell with YDL 6 I didn't even need an additional thumb drive for the otheros. I'm wondering whether to install YDL or Ubuntu. Do you have any suggestions in that regard? NP Xwabbit. What's the worst that can happen? You have to re-install something else? No biggie!

I have heard a lot of mixed things about Ubuntu on the PS3 though Here is some info I just found browsing the site I posted earlier. Also, I'm very biased against GNOME because they don't allow much costomization, have an ugly interface, sucky applications, and because it's bloated almost as much as Windows is. Ok, maybe not that bloated, but it's closer than most other interfaces available for linux.

It's a little weird to get used to, but it's an amazing interface. My personal favorite is Gentoo, no doubt about it. It has the best package manager out there portage and is probably the fastest linux distro you can get. The disadvantage to gentoo is that it's really hard to install on your average computer.

However, installing gentoo on a PS3 is a cinch. You just have to set up your hard drive, then extract a. And you're done. Of course, you still have to install a few things, which can be difficult if you're not comfortable with the linux command line, but if you're willing to learn, this is the best distro out there.

If you want to try installing gentoo, I can link you to a good guide. Otherwise, I strongly recommend trying YDL first. If you don't like it or can't get it installed I've never tried YDL - gentoo is the only thing I've installed on any computer in a couple years, with the exception of my grandma's computer, which what store buys used dvds xubuntutry xubuntu. It will run significantly quicker than normal ubuntu or kubuntu, and the interface is pretty smooth.

NP man I've been at this for years it's what I do. Thanks again, Oner. Never heard of the site. Seems very well organized. I've spotted few things of interest already Might have to give YDL another go as well. Hope the Ubuntu, OpenSuse are granted access as well. Plus preinstall on the Ps3. It's not too late. C'mon Sony Hell yeah!!! Cool GrandTheftStreetcar hope you'll find what you may need! We aren't as small as it may seem Awesome news.

Looks like I'll finally be getting some use out of YDL now. Yellow Dog be doggin mIcro like they aint nothin. You try and perpetrate the Yellow Dog and get barked upon son Two barks and a ruff ruff motherF. Or go spread more FUD like we all know you do! Is it worth installing?

Where can I download it? And,can anybody point me with a link to where I could download cool apps for Linux on ps3? Its defintly worth installing and it taked up about 10GB of your internal Hard Drive. You can change the Hard Drive with any laptop size's hard drive. So you have a lot of space on your ps3. You'd be better off using an external hard drive formatted as FAT32 to share files between both operating systems. Yes, but you cannot partition the HD freely. You can use 10GB max for either Linux or PS3 Games, etc and the rest for the other operating system dependent what you put on those 10G.

Edit: How to reboot your computer system. Oh, you were faster :.

Won't happen! Different CPU. No way to emulate a i86 reasonable fast with a PPC. By than all the kinks will be worked out. No need to wait. It works perfectly as they have been improving it for the past 2 years already and there are really no "kinks".

I just may try it out sooner than I was planning. Edit: You got to have a account and the how to install yellow dog linux 6.1 on ps3 is not english, so I don't think the linux from this site will be in english. Does anybody know where else to download it?

Please Help. Wow I so want to switch my OS and have been considering Linux for a while, I hate Vistas with as passion, I'll be sitting there doing nothing on my comp and it just crashes out of the blue, or it just decides to update it self and restart it while i'm in the middle of something ,Shlt pisses me off so much.

Please,give us all a long in depth explanation as to why windows is better please? I'm wondering if you HAVE to partition your hard drive to do this, because: 1. I don't have a USB Drive available to me right now 2.

Yes, you have to. So have I got this right? If you want you can install Linux to an external USB drive?

Do you have to have a 10GB partion on it or just have enough space? I like the idea of an external because my GB in my PS3 is just about full and has no separate partion. Wouldn't I have to make a back up on a USB, reformat, make a 10gb partition as well as a gb one and restore everything I could from the backup? Thanks in advance, and the promise of bubbles for your help guys.

PS PS3 is so fkn cool. The external drive will only help with storing how to make bassline music while within linux. But on a positive note.

Trim 10 gigs off your HDD and you'll have the opportunity to play with loads of emulators and linux games in full-screen. I'm a bit surprised that there isn't a larger number of people who've discovered this by now, though.

Philip O'Toole

Nov 30,  · Yellow Dog Linux on the PS3. I got around to installing Yellow Dog using a DVD of the full distro. The installation went OK, and the installer fired up in graphical mode. However it proceeded to create the swap partition almost immediately because of low-memory concerns. Jan 07,  · Install Linux On A P on Installing Yellow Dog Linux 6. Ryan on Tri-booting Ubuntu Linux, Yell thenonconformer on Putin’s Russia Threateni roteman on Request Adobe’s Flash Pl ?? on Tri-booting Ubuntu Linux, Yell A.W. Kennedy on Tri-booting Ubuntu Linux, Yell domalti on Hao Hao Report Drops Pligg, Tu. If you are not sure of your PS3 model number, we recommend downloading the yellowdogppc-DVD_iso. If you encounter an issue where you are unable to boot into YDL, download the other ISO ( and follow these instructions to install .

Yellow Dog Linux 6. We decided to create the following tutorial for people who want to install a Linux distribution on their PlayStation 3 gaming consoles. But, before you jump to the installation of this Linux-based OS, please read the warning information in red below and all editor's notes throughout the entire tutorial.

Also, take a look at the screenshots at the end of the article to see how it looks. Therefore, we strongly suggest that you back up immediately any saves of your games, hard drive movies, pictures, music or PlayStation Home data on a removable HDD device or USB stick! The bought games or downloaded demos can not be copied, but you will be able to re-download without the need to buy them again, as they are stored on your PlayStation Network account.

Editor's note: Please read the above warning very carefully before you proceed with the installation of Yellow Dog Linux. Also, please read the following guide very, very carefully, as we don't want to damage your PS3 machine. Even so, you will still enjoy a modern and eye-candy desktop, thanks to the Enlightenment environment. Editor's note: If your hard drive was previously formatted for OtherOS, please skip step 1 and ignore the above warning, as you will not lose anything except the existing OtherOS installation, of course.

Select YES when you will be asked if you want to format the hard disk and follow the steps below:. Wait a few seconds while the format operation is in process. When it finishes, you will see a confirmation message: "Format completed. Press the X button to restart the system. Editor's note: At this point, you will notice that all the data has been erased music, videos, pictures, saved games, game demos, PlayStation Home installation and settings, bought games. Also, the Information Board will appear if you have set it to not be displayed , giving you the impression that all the settings have been removed, but don't worry because all your settings are intact!

Insert the Yellow Dog Linux 6. The PS3 will scan for the otheros. Wait a few seconds. When it finishes, a confirmation message and some information about how to switch to the OtherOS see the next step will be displayed. In order to start the Yellow Dog Linux 6. Editor's note: At this point the PS3 will reboot, a black screen will appear for about 10 seconds, and then you will see two penguins and some text.

At the end of the boot process you will see " kboot: ". For different HD TVs you can type one of the following commands:. If you know the maximum resolution of your HD TV, then we recommend to type one of the above commands, but if you are uncertain about your TV's resolution, just hit Enter at the kboot prompt and Yellow Dog Linux will automatically find and adjust the resolution for your TV.

To return to the XMB PS3 operating system from the kboot prompt, in case you don't want to continue with the installation process of Yellow Dog Linux 6. Editor's note: Once you hit Enter at the kboot prompt or typed one of the above installation commands, after a few seconds, the Anaconda Red Hat installer will appear. Click "Yes. Set up your network connections as follows:. Click "OK" when you are done. Select the "Manual configuration" option under the "Enable IPv4 support" and input the IP address and netmask from your provider.

Also, uncheck the "Enable IPv6 support" option. Click "OK" to return to the main window. Enter a name for the computer it can be anything you want, e. Click "OK" to return to the main window and enter the gateway and DNS information from your provider.

Click "Next. However, this is recommended for advanced users. Regular users should just click on the "Next" button to continue with the installation process. Editor's note: At this point, the installer will check for dependencies of selected packages, format the hard drive, create partitions and install the selected packages. For us, this part of the installation process took exactly 25 minutes. Our installation had packages! When the installation is over, you will see the confirmation screen.

Click on the "Reboot" button and, after a few seconds, the Yellow Dog Linux 6. If you do not remove the disk, it will be pulled back in and the installation process will start again!

Part 3 — Final steps and the screenshot tour! In a few seconds you will see the customized Yellow Dog Linux 6. When the boot process is over, you will be prompted by a first-boot configuration process.

Please follow the instructions below:. Click "Yes" when asked if you want to override the firewall configuration. Click "Forward. Click "Forward" when you're done. Editor's note: At this point, you will arrive at the login screen. Input the username and password that you've just created and hit Enter to log in. The Yellow Dog Linux 6. It boots in about seconds, and the applications start much faster. For example, it takes approximatelly seconds for Firefox to start. For your viewing pleasure, we've compiled a nice screenshot tour of Yellow Dog Linux 6.

Click here now to enable video playblack in Yellow Dog Linux 6. The console will be rebooted and you will enter the XMB. Be aware of the fact that the PS3 controller will fail to connect after reboot. We have no idea why, but we've found a resolution to this problem: Shut down the PS3 by holding the Power button for 3 seconds. When the PS3 is completely shut down, start it by pressing the PS button on the controller. The controller will immediately connect to the PS3.

Softpedia Homepage. Installing Yellow Dog Linux 6. What does Yellow Dog Linux 6. Org server 1. What do I need to get started? Part 1 — Prepare the PlayStation 3 Editor's note: If your hard drive was previously formatted for OtherOS, please skip step 1 and ignore the above warning, as you will not lose anything except the existing OtherOS installation, of course.

Part 2 — Installing Yellow Dog Linux 6. Conclusions: The Yellow Dog Linux 6. Click to load comments. All rights reserved.

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