How to join crochet strips together

how to join crochet strips together

Comfy Heritage Quilt Crochet Blanket

You can use the join-as-you-go technique to join together all different types of crochet motifs including: Crochet granny squares. Crochet hexagons. Crochet flowers. Yo-yo crochet. Many crochet patterns today have join-as-you-go instructions. Once you understand the technique, you can adapt other motif-based patterns to utilize it. Dec 19,  · Assembling the blanket: the horizontal seams are finished, obtaining strips of blocks. Now it’s time to join these strips. For an invisible seam you can use either mattress stitch (if you’re joining together pieces in stocking stitch) or, like I show you below, use edge-to-edge seam to join pieces with garter stitches at the sides.

Browse dozens of the top tutorials from our crochet community members. Find free crochet tutorials for beginners and crochet stitch patterns and techniques for our more advanced crocheters. Learn how to change color when working with granny stitches with this tutorial and tips and great Read More.

Learn how to crochet the shell stitch with this photo tutorial. How to connect cell phone to tv with usb how crochet the tread stitch pattern with this jjoin tutorial.

Instructions are provided to Hi Crocheters! Free Crochet Tutorials has been receiving many pattern search requests lately and in an effort to help as many of you as possible, as quickly as possible, I am going to provide responses to your lookups in a combined post kind of like a roundup of lookup results. Below are the results for our first 5 lookup requests including free patterns for Navajo I've always loved ponchos for children.

They look so adorable wearing their little ponchos and they provide the added bonus of keeping them warm. They are fun to wear too! Julie R requested a pattern search for Hooded Poncho Patterns for girls a what was the roman empire like back I apologize this took so long to post Julie!

I was Hi Everyone! I hope you enjoy this collection of festive little Gnome Patterns! This post includes a collection of free crochet patterns hoq to be used with Sari Silk Yarn and Sari Silk Crocheg.

This beautiful blanket is written out in full as a baby size blanket measuring approximately 73 cm X 62 cm. It can be modified to other sizes simply by making sure you have an uneven number of double crochet stitches at the end of the first row. Northling Pattern - Pattern This poncho is available in one-size and is created by crocheting 2 rectangles and then seaming them together into the poncho shape. If you are travelling by car, plane, or train, you might want to consider making one of these crochet neck pillows!

These crohet travel pillow patterns are great to have on-hand for sleepy passengers, big and small. They also make fantastic handmade gifts for the holidays. Sign Up For Free Today! Subscribe for Free Crocher Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. This category only includes cookies stripd ensures basic how to create dns server in windows server 2008 and security features of the website.

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Crochet Hairpin Lace in 4 Steps

Front Post Treble Crochet 2 Together; Half Double Crochet Back Bar: Working in Rounds; Half Double Crochet Back Bar: Working in Rows; How to Work Chainless Joins. Double Crochet Join (dc join) Half Double Crochet Join (hdc join) Single Crochet Join (sc join) Treble Crochet Join (tr join) LESS Seam (Layered Edge Slip Stitch Seam) Single Crochet. Feb 15,  · I did a small test piece before I began to check the pattern and I am making it quite a bit bigger than the pattern. Am about half way through, having already joined together the completed strips. All the strips are the same length, give or take a centimeter or 2 which can so easily be addressed in the joining process. Reply. I really like to use the invisible seamless join when finishing pieces that get sewn together (in this project this is an optional step). Size: Each square is approximately 4? x 4?. Your gauge may vary. Sunburst Granny Square. Row 1: Using first color and a G hook, ch 5 and join with a .

You must be logged in to add a private note. Login Register. We are adding the pattern to your Crochet Patterns. Click here to view your Crochet Patterns. You must be logged in to save a pattern. Are you ready for a lazy day of crocheting? This is an easy mile a minute afghan that you work up in strips and you'll probably only spend about a day on it. Maybe you have nothing to do on a Saturday or Sunday, whip out some yarn and hooks and you'll have this beautiful and cozy blanket in no time at all.

Plus, a beginner can crochet this pattern, so don't feel limited by your skill. Get more patterns like this one in our collection of 49 Quick and Easy Crochet Afghans. Round 1 : Dc in 4th ch from hook, [skip next ch, dc in next ch, dc in skipped ch crossed dc made ] across to last 2 ch, dc in next ch, dc, ch 2, 2 dc in last ch, ch 2, turn to work along opposite edge of foundation ch, dc in next 2 ch, work between [] to last 2 ch, dc in next ch, dc, ch 2, 2 dc in base of beginning ch, ch 2, join with slip st in top of beginning ch.

Fasten off. Row 3 : With right side facing, join B in first sc, ch 1, work crossed sc across. Row 4: With right side facing, join B in first sc, ch 3 counts as dc , dc in each sc across. Row 5 : With right side facing, join B in top of beginning ch-3, ch 1, sc in next dc, sc in top of beginning ch 3 first crossed sc made , work in crossed sc across. With right sides together and long edges of 2 strips aligned, join B and slip st Strips together on wrong side.

Repeat to join all 7 Strips. Weave in ends. This Quick and Easy Afghan Pattern is another easy crochet blanket to make if you're short on time! Be the first to upload your own image for this pattern!

I have not made this yet so I cannot rate it. Click the button above or drag and drop images onto the button. You can upload two images. We are adding your Comments. I really want to make this blanket but I can't figure out the 2nd half of the first round! Does anyone know if there is a video on this blanket?

Thank you! While I love the idea of making an afghan in strips, I also despise using slip stitch to attach them. It is very time consuming, and not what I like to do at all. Why couldnt you work the strips together as you go? I would think this would go faster. You could also switch out the colors of any you want, making it to match your decor or that of the person you are onsideing making it for. I do love the pattern, and will definitely be keeping it around!

I happen to think that one could substitute the blue and or the white with your school colors. Wouldn't this make a great dorm room gift, or a gift for the males in the house who are totally into their NFL or Big Ten teams?

Cool idea, making individual strips and then joining them together. I think more like an advanced beginner pattern. Looks like a nice blanket but I would not put it in the beginner category. For one thing it has a lot of stitches to start out with and some beginners would find that difficult. The changing of colors also makes it a bit more difficult.

I do like the arrangement of the colors however and do believe it would make a nice blanket. Thanks for the pattern. I know that this is the laid back blue crochet blanket by Red Heart but I can see this in my favorite team colors or the University colors as well.

I have three graduating from undergrad in the Spring of If I get started now, these would be perfect graduation gifts. I have the strips done on this project. However, I am confused on Row 1 on the strip Side Border. The "dc between next 2 corresponding sets of crossed dc on Round Can someone help me on this?

Made this all in one colour as background for autumn leaves afghan I was designing and it looked great. The twisted stitches would made it very frustrating for a beginner and it is also misleading to suggest that it could be completed in a weekend. With 5 decades of experience, it took me 2 weeks from start to finish. Very nice texture and worth trying.

I want to agree a little bit with you,djhixson. Perhaps beginner is not the best skill level for this item but if you know the basics you can get this done. I like that the color does not change until the end of the row but what I do not like about color change in a project is the weaving in the loose ends. If you decide to make this, you may want to research to see how the ends can be "worked" in while you crochet. It will make life a lot easier for your.

Hi djhixson, This is originally a Red Heart pattern, and that's the difficulty level they've assigned to it. Julia, editor for AllFreeCrochet. Laid back indeed. This Laid Back Crochet Blanket is one that is last in my bucket list because I'm not really into drab colors.

However, there are people who love this type of color combo in a blanket as it calms their nerves, and gives them a good night's sleep. This blanket is easy to make as it only requires double crochets and a straight-line design in blue and white. Thanks for the easy pattern. Perhaps it is sheer luck but I am not having any problems at all with this pattern.

I did a small test piece before I began to check the pattern and I am making it quite a bit bigger than the pattern. Am about half way through, having already joined together the completed strips. All the strips are the same length, give or take a centimeter or 2 which can so easily be addressed in the joining process. I'm a beginner but I am adventurous and have been able to follow plenty of advanced instructions.

This is beyond confusing? Ever think of putting it on video so we can have a visual? Hi BatSheva, This is a Red Heart company pattern, and they have given us permission to post on our site. They have deemed this a beginner pattern, so if you are having trouble with the pattern I would recommend reaching out to their customer service.

Hi djhixson, This is a Red Heart company pattern, and they have given us permission to post on our site. It may be easy to make ONE strip Even I would not mess with it! I did not realize that the stripes might end up not matching, thanks for mentioning that. I'm not a beginner, but I think I will pass on this one. The stitches may be suitable for a beginner. But a sure way to turn a beginner off of crocheting is to have her work up a mile a minute afghan.

First, it has to be assembled, which is never a pleasant task. And when a beginner finds that the strips do not exactly match the others, as can happen even for experienced crocheters, that beginner will simply quit the project.

It was a bad idea, Red Heart, to call this a beginner pattern. Are you sure you would like to report this comment? It will be flagged for our moderators to take action. This crocheted Lacy Jacket looks just like something you would buy at the mall! Save yourself a trip and avoid the crowds by… See more Continue reading: "Lacy Jacket videocam ". Join Us Today Forgot Password. All rights reserved. Register Now! Forgot Password?

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