How to make a chicken wire basket

how to make a chicken wire basket

25 Absolutely Amazing DIY Chicken Wire Projects For The Garden

But then I spotted a chicken wire basket in a decorating magazine and thought I could make a something like that. First, I needed something to serve as a mold for my basket. After a scavenger hunt through my basement, I spotted an old lampshade. Taking a closer look, I realized it had a heavy wire frame under the fabric cover. Aug 01, Ive had the dark brown basket for a while, but I had the idea of adding a chicken wire basket to the inside. Im simply loving the way they look together. A lot. It gives it that extra element of texture and color. Its also a bit unexpected. And I love that.

Please note: Some of the links in this post are affiliate links, which allows us to make a small commission from your purchase, but your purchase price stays the same. Thank you for helping support our blog! We greatly appreciate it! I started with a basic roll of chicken wire. First, I rolled out the wire to my desired length and used a pair of metal wire cutters to snip it.

I cut each side of the chicken wire, making sure to leave a bit of extra wire on every side. The extra wire will be needed to connect everything together. Then, I folded over each side and used a yard stick to make sure all the sides were straight. With all the sides attached, I shaped up the basket by pulling or flattening the wire where needed.

It gives it that extra element of texture and color. And I love that. A happy coincidence! But really, these baskets could be used anywhere. They would look fabulous in a bathroom stuffed with towels and wash cloths or used as a welcoming basket for guests. Or they could be used in bassket office or craft room to organize all those goodies. OR, you could simply just make them to hoow on the wall. April made this fabulous jewelry organizer out of an old screen window.

I love it!! And Jen will be sharing her project on Monday! Stay tuned! The Wood Grain Cottage is now offering advertising spaces! For more information click here. The 36th Avenue. It is simply gorgeous, Shayna!!! Cute, cute, cute! I particularly liked it used as a basket liner. It really shows up nicely against that brown basket.

I love the liner how to get to sunyshore in pokemon diamond Your idea of making a basket to corral all your houseplants is brilliant!

Love it! I could stare baket that setting for hours too Shayna! You certainly spread a heap of sunshine on my day! Have a fabulous weekend sweet friend! These are great and as you said, the possibilities are endless. These would be perfect for extra linens in the guest room. I love this Shayna! I love how creative you girls are with so little money!!

Every month I rack my brain to make something easy and economical! Thanks for sharing on Facebook! The chicken wire basket adds a lovely bit of extra texture []. Love, love them! Your email address will not be published. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Comments It is simply gorgeous, Shayna!!! Marilyn in Dallas. Love the baskets!

Chciken table looks lovely too! Another great project in the books! Have a great weekend! Trackbacks [] this adorable little globe was another big estate sale score! Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Join how to make a chicken wire basket newsletter.

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How To Make A Chicken Wire Basket

Feb 25, Use a tin snips to cut enough chicken wire fencing to make a cylinder in the size you want your basket. Trim the length of the fencing to the height of your desired basket height plus one inch. Once trimmed, bend the bottom of the fencing in toward you about an inch. The bent part will end up going underneath the wood piece to hold it in nicefreedatingall.coms: 2. STEP 1: Unroll and Measure Your Wire Unravel your chicken wire, and then roll the cage-wire to create a cylinder shape. Roll it to the size you want the circumference of your produce sphere to be. I unrolled about 20" or so. Be sure to add an extra inch or two. Jan 14, - Explore Sherry's board "Chicken wire baskets" on Pinterest. See more ideas about wire baskets, chicken wire, chicken wire basket pins.

This is a 2 purpose DIY bin that you can use either as a yard waste bin or as a compost bin. You can create this project using wires and a few more basic supplies with this easy tutorial from the Empress of Dirt. Use chicken wire and some decorative items to create this holiday wire wreath. Visit eHow to learn more. Make this gorgeous rustic outdoor Chandelier using natural elements and citronella candles. Visit Consumer Crafts to know more!

Get the tutorial here. If you have an issue with critters visiting your garden, then you need to DIY this Wire cloche, which protects your plants from unwanted guests.

Make a dragonfly sculpture using chicken wire and a few more supplies to decorate your garden in a unique and inexpensive way. You will find this DIY tutorial on eHow. Protect your vegetable garden by creating a secured panel for them using wires and wooden fencing. Besides being inexpensive, it looks good and functional! If your love for vertical gardening never fades, this might be the idea for you. Create this Vertical Garden using chicken wire in simple steps with this easy to understand tutorial.

Make this beautiful wall sconce out of chicken wire to showcase the fresh flowers! The DIY is here. Dress up your garden with garden trellis made out of wires and basic supplies. It gives a new look to your garden while being inexpensive! Check out the tutorial here. Try making these lovely wire globes to decorate your garden at a budget. Provide constant support to the indeterminate tomatoes as they grow taller by making this ultimate tomato cage DIY. Get the step-by-step tutorial at Growing A Green World.

Check out more tomato cages idea here. Create this unique wreath feeder for the cute little guests that maintain the beauty of your garden.

To make a feeder for your garden, visit Birds and Blossoms. Grow potatoes with ease using chicken wire and newspapers. The tutorial for this functional and easy to make potato bin is here. Create giant allium flowers with wires that look amazing and impressive. Get the detailed tutorial here. Make this vertical chicken wire planter on pallet wood. Find this functional recycling project here. Two things are used to make this wire basket for a houseplant plantera frame of a lampshade and chicken wire.

Find out the tutorial here. This tutorial, from the Hip Homestead , teaches you how to make a plant and seedling cover in easy steps to save them from occasional nibbling from pets and chickens. DIY this interesting and functional strawberry tower using the chicken wire, it is perfect for small space gardeners. Check out the steps here. Must read this informative article at the Spruce. A pumpkin made out of chicken wire and twine. See this DIY tutorial here. Learn about this patio garden cabinet project here and make one for yourself to keep your plants.

This unique stone heart can be a nice hanging decorative item in your home or garden. It is made using heavy gauge wire, chicken wire, and pebbles. Find the steps here! Build a functional vegetable garden trellis for your garden using a chicken wire and a few other supplies to support vines and climbers. Find the tutorial here! We had to compost the entire yard from buried asphalt.

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