How to make a custom blogger background

how to make a custom blogger background

Change the design of your blog

Mar 30,  · Blog Background Design Tutorial { click on any image to see a larger version } Go to File > New to create a new document and set your width at pixels and your height at pixels. Make sure the Background Contents is set to Transparent. Sep 27,  · Be sure to keep the follow measurements in mind when making your own blog background. Depening on your monitor size you can make the background larger. We do ours 20 inches wide and 10 inches deep. For your center post area you will need to make it 8 inches wide if you have a 2 column blog.

The default blogger theme and layout are pretty substandard and you would want to customize blogger layout and theme as per your needs. Before we directly jump into changing the default layout and theme of Blogger, we have to understand every nook and corner of the blogger admin dashboard. The first drop-down menu you find on the left is there to choose between AllScheduledPublished and Draft Posts. On the extreme right you can see the label icon.

When you click on that icon, you can see a new pop-up where you can add a new label or filter the listed posts by selecting the desired labels checkbox. Just below that you can see the Select All checkbox. On clicking that, all the posts listed on your admin dashboard will get selected.

Not only that, you can now perform batch operations like, Apply same label to selected posts, Publish all posts which are in drafted conditionRevert all published posts to draft and Delete All posts. Finally when you reach the posts list, you can see all the posts in a horizontal slab format. When you hover your cursor over any individual post, the following details appear:.

This is the New Post button that enables you to open up a post editor screen where you can type a fresh draft. Stats: Like the name suggests, here you can find out what age is pre k in texas figures related to your blog.

The topmost banner contains three figures related to your blog: Number of followersPosts and Comments. Immediately below you can see the number of pageviews your blog has received over different duration:. I stopped working on this blog long back, it seems like the posts are still appearing on Google SERPs. You can set the duration of stats from the drop-down menu above this banner. The time duration you can choose between is: NowLast 24 hoursLast 7 daysLast 30 daysLast 3 monthsLast 6 monthsLast 12 months and All time.

Both how to make a custom blogger background as well as spam comments are available under two different submenus. This is almost similar to the UI of the posts window. But here are certain changes that we are gonna know about. The extreme left of this comments window has a drop-down menu that lets you choose to view AllAwaiting moderationPublished or Spam comments. Just at the opposite corner you can find a checkbox that allows you to select all the comments on this page.

That way you can do batch edit work like Mark all comments as spam, Delete contents of all comments and Delete all comments at once. This page has limited settings to position your ads on blogger blog. But this is not used much.

It is better to use Google AdSense for this purpose. The playstation move what is it has information about the account that is linked to that blog and the client ID followed by it. Pages: This menu contains the collection of different pages be it published or drafted. The first drop-down menu you find on the left is there to choose between AllPublished and Draft pages.

Just on the opposite you can see the Select All checkbox. On clicking that, all the pages listed on your admin dashboard will how to disable ads on facebook google chrome selected. Not only that, you can now perform batch operations like, Apply same label to selected posts, Publish all pages which are in drafted conditionRevert all published pages to draft and Delete All pages.

Finally when you reach the pages list, you can see all the pages in a horizontal slab format. When you hover your cursor over any individual page, the following details appear:. This is the New Page button that enables you to open up a page editor screen where you can type a fresh draft. Layout: This page contains detailed architecture of your live blog theme. It appears in the form of individual blocks that has editable options. Click on the Pencil icon on the right of any block that you want to customize.

This will open a new window. Theme: This menu contains a list of all those themes that you saw while creating the blog. The top part of the screen shows a preview of the theme that is live on your blog. The customize button lets you make theme specific changes that we shall learn in detail in the later part of this post. Finally we are well acquainted with the different components of the blogger admin dashboard. It is time that we know how to customize blogger layout and theme. Before we porcelain beads how to make into this section, I got to tell you something more.

Remember, I am using the Contempo Light theme. This is available in the default theme library of blogger. In case you are using any other theme, all the contents that you are about to read below may not match ditto. And if you are using any custom theme, then they are completely different in layout backend window.

However, you can find a narrow similarity in all of them. Few sections in the blog layout window allows you to add a gadget to your blogger. Now, choose the gadget that you want to add, but be double sure that you are not adding irrelevant widgets anywhere. This page has a how to make a custom blogger background window of the current theme that is running on your blog.

There you can choose to either Backup your existing theme, or Restore an old theme by uploading an XML file. The next option is not much in use based on the modern day HTML5 blog design.

The last option, i. When you click the Customize button, you what is a margarita flower be taken to a new page that is the hub for front end designing of your blog.

I am hopeful that after reaching down here you are well acquainted with how to customize blogger layout and theme. Let me know in the comments below about your blog address.

Visit Blogging Guide to learn Blogging all the way from basics to grow into a pro. If you have read the entire article and want more information regarding the topic, come hang out with me on my private community. Everyone to know about new blogger dashboard and settings and edit or customize blogger post and layouts.

Very useful information regarding these topics. Super compilation in this article. All the results on internet has old guide. This is best one. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Skip to content. Customize Blogger Layout and Theme. Contents collapse. Blogger Admin Dashboard 1. Posts 1. Stats 1. Comments 1. Earnings 1. Pages 1. Layout 1. Theme 1. Settings 2. How to Customize Blogger Layout and?

Customizing Blogger Layout 2. Customize Blogger Theme 3. Over to you. New Blogger Admin Dashboard. Drop-down Menu Post Types. Filter by label. Select All Posts Checkbox. Individual Post Slab. New Post Icon. Blogger Stats Window. Performance Duration. Blog Views. Top Referrers to Blog. Top Referring URLs. Audience Pageviews what to get for a guy friend for his birthday Browsers.

Audience Pageviews by Operating Systems. Blog Search Keywords. Top Locations.


Jan 28,  · Create a Custom Background For Your Blogger Blog. View more video tutorial series from our official site here: nicefreedatingall.comeo Explaini. Apr 04,  · Few sections in the blog layout window allows you to add a gadget to your blogger. Like the one section Sidebar (top) as in the image below, you can see there is a link followed by the + icon. Click on Add a Gadget and you can choose which gadget you want to add. Add a Gadget Window. Blogger Template Generator. This editor requires Internet Explorer 6 or higher, Firefox or Opera. Use the tabs above to edit different parts of your profile. You can preview your work by going to the 'Finish' tab and clicking on the 'Preview' button. If a preview window does not show up, try pressing the ctrl key while you click the button.

I covered those steps and wanting to change the image I could not! It was stuck on an image and can not change! In addition, as only compile photo ko?? If your image is stuck it may be your template. Did you download a free template outside of Blogger?

Otherwise, the Blogger templates should do the trick. I appreciate your teachings on all of this but there seems to be a problem I cannot, for the life of me, figure out. I can load up my own image, size x or larger, but if that image is over kb's they are telling me it is too large??

How do I get a background that size, down to or less kbs? I found someone elses online that was x, and kbs, so I know it can be done. Mine is over 1 mb, Denise. What about adding externally-hosted images, since Google limits file size? Hey Levon! Here's what you need to do in order to use an external image. First, be sure to upload a simple background image and location settings first using the tutorial above - this adds a line in your template so you can add your own custom URL.

That worked for me! Be sure not to use copyrighted material. Hope that helps! I am getting this error message when inputing that code: Invalid variable declaration in page skin: Variable name must not be declared twice.

Input: body. Hi Michelle, I'm assuming you're talking about Levon's question about adding an external link, right? Don't copy and paste everything I listed above - that is the reason for the error you see. The only thing you want to alter in your template is the part that says 'your external URL here' - so that it points to the external link and looks something like this example You're only altering the text within the url parentheses. Remember, you have to add a background image first using my article tutorial before you can alter that line.

Does that help? Hey Don, I wanted to try that out myself. But I didn't know where to upload my image. My background is now default white.. What could I've done wrong? Or is my image maybe too big for it KB? Hey 5ucAyman, Your method should work just fine - try adjusting the image size again.

I can't tell you if skydrive will work though. Why not just upload it into Blogger I show you above in the tutorial? Thanks for the advice about - add your own custom URL, worked great for me. You are my Hero of the day!!! Hi Don, I was wondering whether you could help me? I want to have a customized background to the Blog Title page. Any idea whether this is possible and how to do this? Additionally I am trying to figure out the size of my current blog title - area? I would like to make to shorten it but I also have difficulty with that?

Would be great if you have some advise. I'm not sure exactly what you're asking. When you say the Blog Title page do you mean the top Header on your page underneath the Blog title? Or, do you mean the background image to entire blog page? For your second question - I took a look at your blog and measured x pixels for the black header area.

Let me know more about your first question. Hi Don, Thanks heaps for your help. How did you measure the pixels? At the moment it is black but I want to customize the background so it is not that boring. I got to figure out how i can customize the background which is a picture now but for the Header I can only change the color not add in a picture or other graphic.

For the total Blog I figured out the size is x and now with your measurements I also know within which measurements I need to design my graphic for the Header. Just left with how to insert it? Thanks heap for your help again. Hi Anne, I just used a simple paint program to capture the screen shot and measured the size. I have a tutorial on how to add the banner image to your title in my post called Build a Basic Wordpress Theme for Blogger - Part 2. I have an external link to a tutorial on how to create header images it's pretty detailed in that post as well.

But, if you use my post instructions to upload an image of x you should see it behind your title. I hope that helps. If you need a simple, free online tool to scale images or crop them to your size, see my other post on using Lunapic. I'm following the steps but no changes are going through to the blog. I first tried uploading one of my own pictures as the background but when that didn't work I decided to test with one of the Blogger images. Still nothing. Any advice? Be sure to check the size of your image - make sure it isn't too large.

I found that some of my larger digital camera pictures would not upload correctly and had to scale them down. Also, be sure you're pressing the 'Apply to Blog' button once you've picked your image or it won't work. Hope that helps. I've the same problem. I use the Travel template by Sookhee Lee. I'm at a loss. I finally managed it. I wish there were also new templates for blogger..

Anyhow, do you have any tips for optimizing images? Hi Dianne, The key to optimizing your images is to reduce their size to under x pixels and to save them as JPEG files to compress them. If you go to my 'Resources' menu above you'll see a link to the online tool, Lunapic. You can use that to do the reduction and jpg conversion. Hi Mr. James, im unable to use this method for the templates which i downloaded. Hi Vamsi, This is a tough problem for downloaded templates.

I've discovered that many of the custom template creators do not follow the Google Blogger template standards so that many of the features in the Blogger editor do not work correctly. However, you should be able to add the CSS header for your background image.

See my post on Adding a Background Image to a Post for instructions on how to add images to Blogger that you can use for backgrounds or image sliders. Hey Don, Im studying IT in college and am pretty clued up with the basics of html and css, im just a bit stuck.

Is it possible to add a picture from my computer as the background through html, as said above but instead of typing the url, using the file name or location?

I tried adding a picture through customization but does not work correctly. Please help, thanks. Since Blogger is hosted at Google you would not be able to see a locally referenced path except on your own computer - no one else would be able to see it.

Is that what you're asking? If that's not what you mean - be sure your file size isn't too large. Ah yes I see the problem now. Yes it is what I mean. I will just have to try and compress my image down so the file size is not to big, so it fits in the customization way. It was just because I had created my own background I wanted to use but the file size is too big. Any tips on how to reduce the file size without distorting the image?

You can use the free online image editor, LunaPic, to do that. Hi Ace, For Blogger you must upload an image large enough to fill the screen. However, this is virtually impossible as screens get larger and larger. The best bet is to upload an image with a pixel width of about to cover most screen sizes.

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