How to make a paracord sunglass lanyard

how to make a paracord sunglass lanyard

Simple DIY Paracord Sunglasses Lanyard

make lanyard. For this project you'll need 3 feet of paracord. Pick your favorite color in , , , or Type 1 paracord and follow the instructions in our Sunglasses Lanyard project tutorial. You can get creative with this project. Use a cord stop, a two-hole cord stop or a slider bead to make it adjustable, do a cobra over-weave for a comfortable. Aug 17,  · Music from Jukedeck - create your own at

Skip to content Skip to footer Home Categories Categories. Men's Shoes. Women's Shoes. Categories 1. Blog Categories. Water Sports. July 22, Keeping your sunglasses makd while exploring the outdoors is key to summer success. This is where a homemade sunglasses lanyard something similar to Croakies comes in handy. Sunglasses straps keep your shades attached pqracord your head so you don't lose them while you're adventuring outside.

We have some simple DIY sunglasses lanyard instructions that only require paracord and some knot-tying know-how. Use your lighter to singe the ends of the freshly cut paracord. Step 2 Tie a figure 8 knot in both sections of paracord. Start by pinching together the paracord to create a loop. Wrap the working end of the paracord over the pinched section.

After you make one full wrap around the pinched section, take the working end and feed it through the loop. The working end should go down through the loop from the top think of it diving male a pool rather than popping out of the water. Pull the knot to tighten it, but it shouldn't be tied too tightly. You'll need to be able to pass more paracord through part of this knot.

How to make your mobile data faster 3: Take the knotless end of each piece of paracord and feed it through the figure 8 knot. Be sure to feed it through the bottom loop of the knot. Once both ends of the paracord have been fed through the figure 8 how to make a paracord sunglass lanyard, your DIY sunglasses lanyard should look something like the image below.

You should be able to slide the figure knots together and apart easily by pulling on the paracord. Step 4 Tie a zunglass loop knot in each working end of the paracord. Start by crossing the working end of the paracord over the standing end. Bring the working end up toward the top x the loop and pinch the paracord together. Pinching the paracord should lnyard a top and bottom loop. Take the working end from behind and wrap it around the top loop. Wrap the working end around the top loop once more, making sure to wrap it down toward the bottom loop uow are holding.

Finish by feeding the working maoe of the paracord down through the bottom loop. When you're finished, your knot should look like the image below. Step 5 Whew! Now that you've successfully created two sliding loops, it's time to attach this bad boy to your sunglasses.

Attach the sunglasses lanyard by loosening how to boot from xp sliding knot so it fits what is the meaning of inductive and deductive reasoning the arm of your sunglasses.

Secure each loop by tightening it on the arm. Step 6 The hard work is finished. Now all you need mke do is put on sungoass shades and adjust the sunglasses lanyard so it fits to your liking. So stylish. Now get out z and enjoy the sun! Author Recent Articles. Blogger at Sierra. Lauren enjoys hiking, camping, climbing and exploring the outdoors.

She's always up for trying something new, especially if it involves getting outside. When Lauren isn't out finding adventures in her home state of Colorado, she can be found writing as Sierra's blogger. How difficult is your route? Hiking classes defined. How to adjust Chacos for a snug, comfortable fit. How to Choose Training Shoes. How to find the youth equivalent of women's shoe sizes. How to Compost.

Step 1: Materials

Paracord Glasses Lanyard Step 1: What You Need. Step 2: Time to Tie. Time to talk about knots. I know, it's probably knot what you expected to read about. Please Step 3: It's a Sinch. This cobra knot attachment tied around part of the back of the lanyard will slide up and down, Step 4. Begin with a 3' (~1m) length of paracord. Snip it in half and singe the ends so they won't fray. Next lay the two pieces parallel to each other on a flat surface. Apr 11,  · This is a tutorial for making a basic paracord lanyard. Use it to hold keys or a whistle. After you've mastered the basics, try making a buckle lanyard for e Author: Paracord Planet.

This Instructable describes a method of making a paracord lanyard to help keep your glasses on, or near, your head. Based on your adjustment of the cord, the glasses can either dangle on your chest, or be held snugly to the face. This method uses only paracord; some alternative approaches that incorporate additional materials are shown at the end.

Required Materials Paracord, about 1 yard or 95cm Eye glasses or sunglasses if you don't have these, well, why bother? Snip it in half and singe the ends so they won't fray. Next lay the two pieces parallel to each other on a flat surface. You're going to tie two Figure 8 knots, one in each piece. Start with the right end of the piece nearest you, and follow the detailed Instructions in the pictures below to tie the knot. Now, using the left end of the second cord, tie a figure eight knot around the first piece, just like you did in the previous step.

The two knots form the stops at the end of the joined pieces. Since the cords need to slide for the adjustment, make sure your figure eights are neither super tight, nor too loose.

You should be able to gently slide the knots together and apart. This will shorten or lengthen the overall joined piece. If you have unsightly ends dangling from your knots, you can snip and singe them in place. This is done by forming a small noose at each end of the joined piece. It's not really a noose because it only has two turns, but otherwise it's pretty much the same knot. To find where your end knots should be placed, pull the two figure eights knots so they're about 6" 15cm apart, and place behind your head.

Grab each end just above and behind your ears. This is about where the knot should be. Don't worry about being exact, it's adjustable! To make the mini-nooses, follow the steps in the pictures. Slip the "noose" over the ear piece of your glasses, and tighten. The whole knot should tighten up nicely as you pull on the long end.. Remeber, by sliding the two Figure 8 knots together, you can snug the glasses to your face.

This can be particularly helpful if someone has irresponsibly let your youngest brother drive the boat you're on. Trust me. If you have an old cord lock, or even a bead with the right aperture, you can forgo the whole figure 8 business, keep your cord as a single piece, and use that hardware to adjust your snugness.

If you're feeling fancy, you can attach the cords to your ear pieces so that they don't protrude. Even though it looks a little neater, this makes the cord harder to put on and remove from the glasses, so I opted for the simpler method above. This is my first substantial Instructable; please rate!

I made one of these for Roger-X to go canoeing but with 2mm cord I had left from another project. Easy to make, and effective to use. Reply 10 years ago on Introduction. This posting has won today's "I Made It" Challenge. For winning you will receive a 3 month pro membership! Thanks for using instructables! My glasses frame is hard plastic and broke recently, and I used a glue gun to temporarily repair until I get a new one.

However, the temporary repair is rather wide and I was badly seeking one of these glasses straps, so thank you for posting this! I had all the pieces on hand and put it together in less than 10 mins, using a cord stop, versus the sliding knots. This is exactly what I was looking for! I've wasted so much money buying other lanyards and never being happy with them.

This took 10 minutes to make and 50 cents worth of materials! Plus, you can customize a bit to your liking. Here's to DIY projects! Great and well explained project. I just made some for my Costas.

I altered the attachment to my glasses. My Costas have a hole where a rubber plug was for the frames to grip my head. I pulled that out and threaded the paracord through the hole and used another figure eight knot to attach. Works and looks great! I've dubbed them my "Para Croakies. Reply 8 years ago on Introduction. With the wooden baed you can use a little ring made from wire to aboid it to got out of the cord.

Something like this:. Reply 9 years ago on Step 6. This is so on the money I stopped by the surplus shop today and need to get a few "glass's keepers" thy where out. Now I have a use for all the short bit's of para-cord I have in a bag in my rope box. Introduction: Adjustable Paracord Glasses Lanyard. By jdtwelve12 Follow. More by the author:. Pretty simple, huh? Participated in the Paracord Contest View Contest. Did you make this project?

Share it with us! I Made It! How to Bike-A-Line! Kiteman 10 years ago on Introduction. Reply Upvote. RevC6V8 2 years ago. I made one several years ago. And just made another. Again thanks! Works great. Exactly what I was looking for. Love it! Thanks for sharing.

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