How to pronounce russian numbers

how to pronounce russian numbers

Learn how to pronounce Russian

Nov 04,  · Russian Number: English Translation: Pronunciation: один: one: aDEEN: два: two: DVAH: три: three: TREE: четыре: four: chyTYry: пять: five: PHYAT' шесть: six: SHEST' семь: seven: SYEM' восемь: eight: VOsyem' девять: nine: DYEvyt' десять: ten: DYEsyt'. Jul 07,  · How to pronounce and count the numbers in Russian. After today's lesson you will become more confident in reading in the Russian language. What are you learning in today's lesson.

Numbers are used a lot in Russian everyday life. Whether you need to ask which bus to take or are buying something in a shop, you will need to know how to use the numerical system in Russian. Russian cardinal numbers tell the quantity of something. They are easy to learn and tend to follow a simple structure. To form these numbers, simply add "NATtsat" to one of the numbers from 1 to 9.

To form any number from 20 onwards, add a number between 1 and 9 to 20, 30, 40, etc. The number 40 is quite different from the other numbers in the sequence and has a name that does not follow the same rules as the other numbers. However, all the numbers from 41 to 49 have the same structure as the ones in the group, and are formed in the same way.

This is also the case for all other groups of numbers added to a multiple of ten Number 90 should simply be memorized, as it is unique in the how to maintain good breath it is formed.

Ordinal numbers indicate order or position. Unlike in English, Russian ordinal numbers change their endings based on the case, number, and gender that they are in. The numbers below are in the nominative singular masculine. You how to write a movie script pdf need to learn these first before learning the rules of declension.

Ordinal numbers also change when they are in the plural:. Ordinal numbers also change by gender:. For compound ordinal numbers, you only need to change the last word. In compound ordinal numbers only the last word is an ordinal number, while the other words remain cardinal numbers. This is similar to the way compound ordinal numbers are formed in English, for example: twenty seven - twenty seventh. Share Flipboard Email. Maia Nikitina.

Russian Language Expert. Maia Nikitina is a writer and Russian language translator. Twitter Twitter. Updated November 04, Cite this Article Format. Nikitina, Maia. Russian Numbers Pronunciation and Usage. Italian Ordinal Numbers and Numerical Rank. Worksheets for Teaching Ordinal Numbers. Counting and Calculating in German from 0 to the Trillions. ThoughtCo uses cookies to provide you with a great user experience. By using ThoughtCo, you accept our.

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It’s time to learn numbers in Russian! There are so many reasons why you need to be able to count in Russian, and the Rocket Russian team is here to make it easier. Let’s start with the basics - by the end of this lesson you’ll feel confident using the Russian words for numbers /5(69). 58 rows · Mar 22,  · The thing is that Russian language is almost especially made for advanced . 35 rows · Russian Alphabet. Learning the Russian alphabet is very important because its structure is .

You need to be able to…. Sign up at RussianPod click here and start learning! Part 1. Below is a picture for quick reference, and underneath is the chart for all Russian numbers from one to ten. The romanization versions will give you a good idea of how to say them. Just read the romanizations out-loud and there you have it, your Russian numbers from one to ten. Part 2. Russian Numbers 11 to Why 11 to 19, you ask?

Slow down there, Russian rocket! Russian numbers 11 to 19 sound a bit different than the rest, so they need special attention. The only one rule you need to know is…. So, all numbers, 20 and above, will follow the same exact format when it comes to counting from 21 to 29 or 31 to 39 or 91 to You may as well know how to say 20 in Russian too, right?

This format will apply to all the inbetweener numbers 20 and above. Read the romanizations for practice and to get an idea of the pronunciation. Part 4: Numbers 20, 30, 40… to So, same as English, the twenties, thirties, fifties, etc.

Once you know them, you can use rule provided in Step 3 to figure out any number between 20 and Like 99! Not too hard. Part 5: Useful Russian phrases with numbers. Print this page out, put in your notebook for reference. Then, practice as much as possible. Be sure to leave a comment if I missed anything! Want to learn to Russian with effective lessons?

Sign up for free at RussianPod and start learning and speaking Russian! I have worked and worked on Russian, and I am finally starting to make headway. Thank you for posting this! Good explanation! It really helped me to learn the number I only knew to count until 10 : Best Regards from Brazil.

I absolutely love this. I am going to continue to practice to get even better!!! Thank you so much for this. Also is there any number that can be said in more than one way? Skip to content April 18, Disclosure: This site has affiliate links to language products including those on Amazon.

As an Amazon Associate, we earn from qualifying purchases at no cost to you. Thank you. Hello Junkies! You need to be able to… Talk about your age in Russian Get the phone numbers from the Russian hotties Give out your own number Tell time Get money, get rich or die trying and buy stuff etc. These will apply to all numbers 20 and above. Part 4: 20, 30, 40… to Part 5: Useful phrases with numbers Part 1. Twenty One.

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