How to save a video in youtube

how to save a video in youtube

How to save videos from YouTube 2021– Full Instructions with Images

In this Tutorial I will demonstrate and explain how to save and keep videos from YouTube as a file, so you can share and watch at anytime. Apr 04,  · Step1: download the youtube downloader app. Step2: open the video in your youtube app and click on share and choose youtube video downloader. Step3: you can then select the resolution and now hit the download button. One can also directly download the video from this app by searching it .

Summary : How to save a video from YouTube? This post shows you four methods of saving YouTube videos to your computer and portable iPhone and Android device, including free online way, professional downloading way and recording way. I want to download the YouTube video to my computer for vidfo playback, but don't know how to download it.

How to save videos from YouTube? But sometimes, I have to go to how to find worms for bait and miss the live gaming videos. And what's worse, YouTube does not offer playback for some live videos. That is really a headache. Is there any way to save live videos from YouTube?

Or is there other websites that enables me to save live videos? YouTube, as the largest video-sharing website, has gained a worldwide reputation. It allows users to upload, view and share all types of videos. It attracts users with a variety of video content, like music, sports, games, movies, TV shows, news, spotlight videos, live videos, etc. Unregistered users can watch videos, and registered users can upload videos to their channels. But when you find some videos interesting or important, and want to save them to your computer for playback, you will be disappointed.

For protecting the copyright or other reasons, YouTube does not show a direct way to let viewers save video from its site. In this ro, we will share four effective ways of saving videos from YouTube. Keep reading, and you can follow them to easily save your favorite swve from YouTube.

When you want to save YouTube videos, it can be a great helper. You can check the video below to know how to save videos from YouTube step by step. It can download YouTube online videos in high quality and save them to your computer for future use.

Whether you want to convert YouTube video to MP3 for getting the background music, or convert video to YouTube supported formats for uploading, or convert videos to HD, it can be a great favor for you.

This fantastic YouTube Videos Downloader can help you to save videos from YouTube and other popular video-sharing websites. But it only works for those VOD videos, and for live videos. Currently, no apps or websites videeo plugs-in has the ability of downloading live videos directly. Step 1 Download, install and launch videk YouTube video downloader. Step 2 Youtubbe the video address of YouTube video and paste to this tool. Step 3 Analyze YouTube video and select suitable vodeo, size and format.

Step 4 Download YouTube video and click "Convert" to get it saved on computer. Though YouTube does not allow you to directly download online videos from its webpage, you can still save YouTube videos from other websites. One website allows you to save YouTube videos is www. You can follow what is a lap band fill procedure next steps to save How to save a video in youtube videos.

Wait minutes, after finishing the conversion, you can download the converted YouTube video to save it to your computer. For live video, you will fail to save them into your PC. SaveVideo is a very popular online YouTube videos saving site. It is designed with a concise interface and you can easily save a video from YouTube. This online video downloader can automatically detect the video source.

It enables you to handily analyze video and choose your preferred output video resolution, size and format. But one thing you should know first, while saving YouTube videos, some pop-up ads may lead to other pages. Google Chrome and Firefox are the two widely-used browsers in the globe.

And they are powerful enough to provide some plugs-in for your use. Some tools, similar to YouTube video downloader plugs-in, are very popular among its users. However, such plugs-in as Video Download Helper for Chrome could simply not exist if it had how to download new ringtones ability to download videos from the Google platforms. So we take a YouTube video downloader plug-in in Firefox for example to show you how to save YouTube videos to computer.

Firstly, you need to download this Firefox plug-in. After minutes, you will find your wanted YouTube video has been saved in your computer. In this way, it sounds more complicated than the first way to save videos from YouTube. And such plugs-in are not safe enough. It may install a certain spyware in your computer. And the output formats are limited. Moreover, the downloading speed depends on your internet condition.

Such uncertain factors will bring you an paper mache how to make it experience. The above three methods can save online YouTube videos to computer by downloading.

But they all fail to save live videos. At this time, we will share the one-for-all solution to save YouTube videos by recording. Recording is not limited. Even if you are not in the front of a computer, you can record a live YouTube video and save it to your PC.

It can not only record online videos, what is an artesian well and how does it work download Twitch videos Twitch, video-sharing website, does not allow users to download videos directlybut also save radio audios. The steps to save a video from YouTube are as below:.

Step 1 Open YouTube, find the video that you want to save, you can play it for checking the source so that you can make adjustment earlier. Step 2 Run Screen Recorder, choose the recording area. Turn on "System Audio" while turn off "Mircrophone Audio" to get a clear video audio. Three steps enable you to record any video including streaming live videos and VOD youutube. And you can easily save vvideo to PC with one click. And when you are abroad, you can record Skype calls with your families at home for a warm memory.

If you are fond of Roblox games, then you can also use this screen recorder to record Roblox game videos for sharing. From the methods above, you can know that not every method is perfect. But you have to admit that, the last way of downloading online videos by recording will enable you to save videos from any site. Sace can watch the following video to check how to use this screen recorder. Four different ways are offered to help you get the job done.

You surely youtune your preferred method to download YouTube videos after reading this article. You can leave us a message if you still have any question. Always watch YouTube videos online? Want to know more about YouTube? Learn how to download, edit and convert YouTube videos and more from this page. Want to record the online video from internet? It is easy to capture videos to your computer if you have the suitable way. Read this article to find the best answer. This post will share you top online YouTube downloader, and direct you how to free download videos from YouTube in high quality.

Look for a professional YouTube catcher to download YouTube video? This article shows you how to download within several clicks. This article will introduce top 10 YouTube western movies to you and recommend two ways to you for downloading. About Privacy Tutorial. Download YouTube 1. Free YouTube Downloader 2. YouTube Downloader Pro 3. YouTube MP4 Downloader 4. Mac YouTube Downloader 5. Download Now from YouTube 6. Download Online Video 7. Save YouTube Videos 8. Save YouTube Audio how to draw dogs eyes. YouTube Recorder Record YouTube Videos YouTube Catcher YouTube Capture Copy a YouTube Video Take a Video from YouTube Get Clips from YouTube YouTube to Phone

Download a YouTube video using a website service

Apr 10,  · How to Save Videos To Watch Later on Youtube—The quickest way to save a video to watch later on YouTube as well as a "Derral Eves' Super Duper Efficiency Tip. Dec 16,  · Main steps of saving YouTube videos: Step 1 Download, install and launch this YouTube video downloader. Step 2 Copy the video address of YouTube video and paste to this tool. Step 3 Analyze YouTube video and select suitable resolution, size and format. Step 4 Download YouTube video and click. May 16,  · One of the best ways, and our favorite method, to download a YouTube video is with the free program youtube-dl. It's capable of downloading any available YouTube video format to your computer, including the HD version.

Affiliate disclosure: In full transparency — some of the links on our website are affiliate links, if you use them to make a purchase we will earn a commission at no additional cost for you none whatsoever! Youtube is designed as such that people can only watch and view videos on it but sometimes because of network problem people want to first download it and then watch it as their preference.

Keeping this in mind youtube has given the save option below the video in order to watch later but the video saved is not appeared in phone gallery and one need to open youtube in order to download the videos. There are several ways and apps through which one can get the video in his phone galley and retain it for as long as they want and also they can share it.

This is an app for downloading videos from youtube on your PC or Mac. It is a converter and free downloader of videos from many online video sites like you tube, face book. You can convert your videos in any quality and resolution that you want i.

These are described below:. Step1 : First of all you need to install the ClipGrab app on your device which is completely free. Step2 : after successfully installing the app, you need to copy the web address of the video from the youtube.

This can be done by opening the video and copying the address from the address bar. Your video will get downloaded. This is a web based youtube video downloader whereby you can download the videos in your desired formats and quality.

The highest resolution it gives is p. It is very easy to download and have some steps to follow which are:. Step3 : A window will be opened, now paste the link that you have copied in the space provided and click on the download button. It will ask you for the quality and format , fill it and then your video will get downloaded. Open the youtube on any browser like UC browser except chrome then click on the video which you want to download and copy the link. A new page will get open on which click the download option with which quality you desire and your video will get downloaded smoothly.

If you want to copy the link from the youtube application on computer then remove remove the items before https and continue as explained above. This app is a free youtube downloader and easy to use.

This can be used by smart phone users. The one thing that should be noted is that it is not available in the play store , you have to download it from the browser.

There are some steps that need to followed:. Step2 : go to the youtube app and open the video which you want to download. Now click on the share option and choose tubemate. Step3 : it will ask for the quality and resolution and format too. You can select the desire option and click on download. You can directly download the videos from tubemate for that you need to search your video on the space provided in the app.

You can directly download the video by searching on the space provided as it more likely work as youtube app or you can also download the youtube videos by using it same as the tubemate application. It is a free app and you can download through this site by various methods.

All you need is to follow certain steps:. Step1 : open the youtube on your computer and open your video. You have to copy the URL from the address bar. Step2 : go to genyoutube site and paste the URL into the search box and click on the search button.

Step3 : now click on whichever quality and resolution you want to download and your downloading procedure will start. Step1 : open the gen youtube site and search directly for the video you want and download from there.

It is an application for download videos from most popular sites in any resolution you want. You just need to follow some steps. Step2 : select youtube among the websites. The youtube will run as the normal youtube app. Step3 : search any youtube videos you want and click on the red icon at the right in order to download, now select the quality and resolution and select download.

This is an app that will let you download the youtube videos from the youtube app directly or from the youtube downloader app only. Again this carry some easy steps:. Step2 : open the video in your youtube app and click on share and choose youtube video downloader. One can also directly download the video from this app by searching it on this app.

You can see the video in download option of youtube video downloader or directly in your phone gallery. This app is very much useful as it can download your videos as well as convert it in MP3 or other format.

Step1 : copy the youtube video URL and paste it in the space provided in clip converter. Step2: select the desired format and click continue in order to save the video after conversion. This is an app which has to be installed in your phone. This app is needed in order to download videos from youtube in apple phones. It is a file manager but it can download videos clip too. Step1 : find your youtube video and tap the share option and share it by using documents and copy the link of the video.

Step2: in the documents, look for the web browser icon, tap on that and go to savefrom. There are various other apps that are there in play store for downloading videos either on android or I-phone like All video downloader, advanced download manager, free make video downloader for android.

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