How to say my name is in german audio

how to say my name is in german audio

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Aug 20,  · Full Playlist: these German Lessons!!! Check out the official app http://appl. Nov 04,  · Get your free German Training (with real-life dialogues!) and learn about my 3Plus1 German Academy here: ?? ??FOLGE MIR: FA.

Listen to the examples on the website. What kind of mattress to buy if you want to learn German until you have reached a fluent level, then visit my other pages as well.

I have a lot of lessons. For example, you can start zudio the letters of the German alphabet. Mein Name ist Lucas. My name is Lucas. Freut mich, dich kennenzulernen. Nice to meet you.

Ich komme aus Deutschland. Germqn spreche nur ein bisschen Deutsch. I only speak a little German. Ich brauche erst mal einen Kaffee! First of all, I need a coffee! Ij you liked this lesson, I have many other lessons that cover important basic phrases to survive in Germany. Just follow the links and listen to the audio samples. Learn German Easily.

Created by Lucas Kern. How to germaj My name is in German. What is your name? My name is Martin. Das ist Maria. This is Maria. Wie geht es dir? How are you? Mir geht es gut. I am fine. Woher kommst du? Where are you from? Sprichst du Deutsch? Do you speak German? Was hast du gesagt? What did you say? Ich verstehe nicht. Mmm guter Kaffee. Mmm good coffee! Don't stop! Repeat this lesson again! Repeat until you know all phrases!

Other important phrases If you liked this lesson, I have many other lessons that cover important basic phrases to ny in Germany. Share the knowledge … … with your friends and classmates! Use the social media buttons! Pin It on Pinterest.

Fun online beginner german lessons with audio

Today I’m going to show you how to say “My name is ” in German and many more important phrases. Listen to the examples on the website. And if you want to learn German until you have reached a fluent level, then visit my other pages as well. I have a lot of lessons. For example, you can start with the letters of the German alphabet. German words for my name is include Ich hei?e , Ich hei?e and mein name ist. Find more German words at! How to say "my name is ", where you come from, and talk about things you like Lesson How to compare things How to compare things in German (i.e., better, best) using comparatives and superlatives.

Hear the audio till you get your pronunciation right. We strive to eliminate the mispronunciation of names by allowing you to learn how to pronounce unfamiliar names and sound like a native speaker. The interesting feature of this application is that you can hear different variations of the same name, out of which you can choose the best one for you to practice. Along with this, find the meaning, sentences, news, and other related information about the name.

You can even learn how to correctly say a word, place, drug, medical, technical terminologies, and much more using application.

Have any questions here? The pronunciation of letters might differ from place to place. Therefore, it is possible to find different variations to pronounce for the same name. In these cases, choose the pronunciation of the name in the variation you prefer. Our aim is to develop this feature is to break the barriers of mispronouncing unknown names. We aim to give respect to the language, identity, and origin of names it deserves by helping others pronounce your names correctly.

All you need to do is tap on the share button and click on the social platform icon on which you wish to share. One of our goals is to take one step ahead, by making the recording and sharing process easy, fun and free. HowToPronounce supports multiple pronunciations for the same name. We want people from across the globe to learn and practice the pronunciation of different places.

If you do not find the how to say in any particular accent, you can contribute immediately. Absolutely anyone can add and record to help fellow learners. However, before contributing, you have to be part of this community.

Register by entering all the necessary details and start your contribution. Now, select the relevant option for reporting by choosing voice or word. Next, give an appropriate reason for rejecting. If you found that the pronunciation of my name is missing, you can directly send us the request by sending it to us on the contact us page.

There you can clearly mention what you are exactly looking for. We also allow you to can even contribute for your name. You simply need to tap on the collection option available next to the rating section which you can view and practice anytime.

Just like other compatible and user-friendly applications, HowToPronounce. Simply copy and paste the code on the other website and you are good to go. The issue of name pronunciation is as important as your designation. As it defines and follows you throughout your life. This application like this helps you to protect yourself from numerous embarrassing moments. Some of the main instance where this application can be your savior:.

Definitely no! The pronunciation of your name is only to help others pronounce your name correctly like a native speaker. Under any circumstance, we do not store or share any personal details like photos, email addresses, etc. It might sound too flashy to be true, but this is a forever-free dictionary application that you can access without entering your card details.

You can instantly unlock the features and embrace your ever-learning process. Videos bring much more to the table to learn quickly. Not just help you to learn easily, but also to remember longer. Learning with video is fun, engaging, and the closest that can help you with hints. No, you cannot remove it directly from our website. However, if you wish you can just send us a request and our team will process the request.

Just like you, there are so many enthusiastic learners who love to share knowledge and help fellow learners to keep contributing. Apart from this, we also have a support team to help you get better with name pronunciation. This application is designed with a motive to help people to stop pronouncing your name wrongly.

However, if you still want to remove it, you can request via our contact us page and we will process the request. It is not possible to download the videos. Whenever you want to learn , directly open our application and practice till you get it right. Of course! For all your contributions you will earn points. You get certificates, badges and get featured in leaderboard based on your points. Welcome to HowToPronounce Dictionary.

Contribute to help our community pronounce better for the languages you speak. Add word Add a pronunciation Add collection Create quiz Log in or Sign up. Free easy-to-learn online names pronunciation tool Learn how to pronounce celebrity names, baby names, meanings and origin of names using audios and videos contributed by the community. Celebrity quiz. Los Angeles Lakers Roster - -private.

Hispanic celebrities and sports-persons -Gloria Mary. Money Heist cast actual and screen name -John Dennis G. The correct way to pronounce the name Julius in German is? Pronunciation poll Vote. Ask your friends X. Shukoor [en]. Lauranne [en]. Zerkalo [en]. Maanya [en]. Vejdovsky [en]. Last updated April 17, Albert Einstein. Can I find my name pronunciation in HowToPronounce. What to do if there is more than one pronunciation? Why is the name dictionary of HowToPronounce designed?

Is it possible to share your audio names anywhere? Do you have pronunciation based on different countries? Who can add and record audio names pronunciation on HowToPronounce? What to do if there is something wrong with pronunciation? What to do if the pronunciation of my name is missing? Can I save the pronunciation to view later? Is it possible to embed the name pronunciation on any other website?

Some of the main instance where this application can be your savior: Imagine taking a quick glance at the names of higher authorities before meetings. If you have a one-to-one consultation call with anyone. Knowing the name right before any social gatherings. It gives confidence to directly approach the individual. Having the name pronunciation on your application affect my privacy? Are videos helpful to learn?

Can I remove my name pronunciation from your website? Where do you get your content? How can I remove my name? Can I download videos to watch offline? What benefits do I get for my contributions? Create a quiz.

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