How to start as a freelance writer

how to start as a freelance writer

How to Become a Freelance Writer: The Ultimate Guide For 2021

Jul 27,  · That’s awesome you want to become a freelance writer and start freelance writing at home! As for extra certification I do dive into that in my premium course, Write Your Way to Your First $1k, but what I can say is that it can help, but it’s not necessary to land freelance writing jobs. Learning how to become a freelance writer is like learning any new skill. There are times when the struggle is real, and every freelance writer is going to face their own issues. You might deal with a client firing you. You might work late hours to keep up with the rest of your life. You might see a month or two without much work.

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links. Please read my disclosure for more information. A little over a year ago I was faced with the decision to find how to start as a freelance writer traditional job or lean into my side hustle and learn how to become a freelance writer full-time.

I was really, really tempted to look at options because of the stability, but in the end, I wanted flexibility. Now, do you need a degree to be a freelance writer? You can actually learn how to become a freelance writer with no experience. Yep, none. This might sound too simple, but some people are naturally good writers. You need to learn where to start, how to scale your business, how to grow your skills, and more.

You can choose from any number of niches, and there are lots out there. Here are a few things to research if you want to learn how to become a freelance writer:. Most people who learn how to become freelance writers start small. Content mills and online job platforms like Freelancer or Upwork are a good place to look for those jobs. And if building your portfolio is showing the kind of work you can do, one of the best ways to do this is to start a blog. Starting a blog can do a lot for your business, like:.

At the very least, start a website. You can list your services, more about who you are, and it makes it easy for potential clients to contact you. Starting a blog or website is an easy and low-cost business investment with Launch That Blog. LTB does all of the technical work for you so you can get back to what you do best — writing!

Here are five things that will help you organize your freelance writing business:. As your business grows, having these things in place will become even more important. Guest posting is how I started writing for bloggers, and it allowed me to skip the content mills and one-off gigs. I reached out to one of my editing clients and pitched her an article idea.

She said it would be a great fit, and I landed my first real writing gig. If you do work for clients, what I did is one option, but you can also pitch ideas to websites and blogs you read often.

You know how most jobs ask for some level of experience, like years on the job or a list of clients. Now you can start pitching your ideas to even bigger websites and clients. Pro-Blogger and Freelance Writing Jobs are also great places to look for openings.

You can find one-time gigs, part-time jobs, and even full-time positions. Now that you know the steps it takes to learn how to become a freelance writer, here are some tips that will help you grow your business. Beyond researching things online, one of the best things you can how to start your own wireless isp for your business is to invest some cash from time to time.

Here are a few investments you might want to make:. I look for things that increase my income, help me work while I travel with my family, and become more efficient. Even though writing is your work, finding a regular creative writing practice is incredibly beneficial. Reading is also a valuable practice as a freelance writer. Clients are going to turn down your rate increases. This is all part of the job. Things are good, so why push for more? You can set income goals, goals for going full-time, or personal ones like landing a gig with one of your favorite blogs.

Learning how to become a freelance writer is like learning any new how to count score in tennis. There are times when the struggle is real, and every freelance writer is going to face their own issues.

You might deal with a client firing you. You might work late hours to keep up with the rest of your life. You might see a month or two without much work.

You might struggle to keep up with the growth of your business. They take those moments and use them to grow. Problem-solving is part of the game. Speaking of problem-solving, finding a community of writers or other like-minded professionals is one of the best things to help you with challenges.

You can crowdsource for ideas on marketing your business, when to raise your fees, and look to your peers for general commiseration. Facebook is a great place for writer communities, but reach out to others you know that are doing the same. In the beginning of this article, What colour goes with teal for a bedroom mentioned that I thought briefly about getting a more traditional job.

January 11, Posted in: Side Hustles. She has been editing and writing professionally for personal finance websites since Make More Money Side Hustles. How is that possible? Quick Links Find your niche Learn as much as you can Start building your portfolio Make sure your business is in order Guestpost Apply for higher-paying positions Tips for freelance writing success The final word on learning how to become a freelance writer. Facebook Twitter Pinterest 84 LinkedIn.

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Definition & Examples of a Freelance Writer

Nov 02,  · Freelance writers make a living writing various types of content for a wide range of purposes, from news stories to ad copy. Pay rates for freelance writing vary widely based on the type of writing, the industry, and the writer's experience. Freelance writers can have a wide range of interests and come from many backgrounds. Jun 04,  · So, right now, I’m putting together a module for my freelance writing course about how to put together your freelance writer portfolio. [Edit to update, the freelance portfolio building mini course is now available here]. So, naturally I was digging around legit everywhere on the internet for some cool freelance writer portfolio examples, and I found some I needed to share with you.

Change your life in just one hour per day by building a business and plotting your exit from cubicle-land. So, naturally I was digging around legit everywhere on the internet for some cool freelance writer portfolio examples, and I found some I needed to share with you.

They all have very unique approaches. Let me just say, before I show them to you, how long it took me to put this chock-full-of-information post together. Her Visualize. Me portfolio gives her prospects a quick view of her best features at a glance. As we become more and more a culture of scanners, this type of portfolio becomes more and more relevant. But it has a lot of amazing visuals to consider for your portfolio.

Next, her visual skills section beats a plain old A4 resume any day. We could all make a chart like this to emphasize the extent of our skills rather than the boring old resume way. I love how the colors, words, font size, and size of the rectangles in the next section demonstrate her personality and skill levels all the more! Add a graph or a little comic to show your expertise, something to interest your visual readers and create visual relief on the white page. I just knew I could count on a humor writer to have a good portfolio.

Then, he has his portfolio section, with filters and clickable links to make it really user-friendly. Starting at the very beginning.

This is a great example. Your name, what you do, and a clickable call to action above the fold. Then, he introduces himself and what he can do for his clients. They want to know what kinds of results you can get for them. Alex does a nice job of this. Then, he adds his portfolio as a separate clickable link beneath a very descriptive explanation of his copywriting services. By doing so, his portfolio becomes less of the main focus. The main focus is what his writing does for his client.

Much more compelling than just spewing all of your published articles over a page, no? The bottom of the page contains a bunch more calls to action. I love this approach. I also love how approachable she seems. You should definitely showcase your personality, but also, you know, make your dang deadlines too. You can feel her excitement emanating from it.

This thread makes the whole page flow together. Only after she has used her words to capture your attention, captivate your imagination, and made you love her does she show off her portfolio.

If you think a portfolio has to be some sort of extravagant digital production, think again. If you know how to use Google Docs, you can make a helluva portfolio. This portfolio is very easy to navigate and has very clear sections to separate his podcasts from his sales pages and such.

Work with people who have the capital to pay a copywriter. All really excellent social proof. Then, he has this really nice, organized chart with a bunch of articles listed. The only thing I would say about this portfolio is that it might not be the kind of portfolio you want to send to every client because it could be a bit overwhelming. Charlane Oliver does a nice job with her visually-enticing portfolio although Pinterest kinda makes it pretty for you.

If, like Charlane, your skills extend beyond writing and into social media and graphic design, Pinterest is a great way to showcase all your work. I love it! It tells you exactly why and how to work with him. Basically, this page takes all the work out of working with him. You have to tell your client exactly what they need to do to work with you, and your directions need to be simple. He uses updated statistics about B2B behavior in to tell his prospects why they need content.

But do you see how his portfolio is only a small part of this overall picture? I love how Lucy makes a sales page out of her portfolio. Her samples are really only one of a handful of criteria she meets. The very top of the page is a really compelling visual, a simple question, and an introduction to her unique selling proposition.

Lucy helps you and clients speak the same language. I would probably make more references to speaking the same language. Like any sales page, this one is broken up with icons, brief descriptions, pictures, and other visuals.

Further down the page, she has this helpful FAQ section. How many people do you think visit your page and wonder these same things? You can help them out by spelling it out.

Keep it really simple! Finally, we come to her portfolio. Her samples are laid out in a nice, organized way with visuals. She only includes 8 of her best examples. No need to overwhelm. Finally, she includes some of her credentials, a testimonial section, and a simple contact form. The whole page follows a natural process from an introduction of services to examples of services to a contact form. Check out the freelance portfolio building mini course with step-by-step instructions for creating your portfolio online ].

It has screenshots and a detailed breakdown of exactly how to put your portfolio together. Check it out here! What do you think of these portfolio pages? Skip to content. Freelance Freedom from Corporate.

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