How to survive an asthma attack without medication

how to survive an asthma attack without medication

7 Ways To Survive An Asthma Attack If You’re Caught Without An Inhaler

Get away from the trigger. The asthma attack could be triggered by dust, cigarette smoke or the smell of chemicals (e.g., ammonia, chlorine gas, sulphur dioxide). Get away from the trigger as soon as possible and go to an air-conditioned environment or any place with clean air. Take a hot caffeinated beverage. Talking to someone may reduce your anxiety, and that’s especially helpful, because anxiety can make your asthma attack worse. Also, if your asthma attack becomes more severe later on, you may need a ride to the hospital, so it’s always good to keep someone else in the loop.

Your very life depends on it. However, should you be caught without your inhaler due to unforeseen circumstances, you could try these coping techniques. Please do not disregard the professional advice of your physician. Font size. User name field is required Password field is required. Forgot password? Don't have an account? Sign up! News Video. Welcome back! Withoit font size. Total Shares. Caught without an inhaler during an asthma attack? Asthma attack: 6 things how to cook puffball mushrooms do adthma you do not have an inhaler with you.

Sit upright. Stop whatever you are doing and sit upright. Bending over or lying down can constrict your breathing even more. Take long, deep breaths.

This helps to slow down your breathing mesication prevent hyperventilation. Wihhout in through your nose and breathe out through your mouth.

Stay calm. Staying calm may prevent further tightening of your chest muscles and make your breathing easier. Get away from the trigger. The asthma attack could be triggered by dust, cigarette smoke or the smell of chemicals e. Get away from the trigger as soon as possible and go to an air-conditioned environment or any place with clean air. Take a hot caffeinated beverage. Hot caffeinated drinks like coffee can help to open up the airways slightly, providing some relief for an hour or two.

Seek emergency medical help. If the wheezing, coughing and breathing difficulty do witgout subside after a period of rest, seek immediate medical attention. With expertise from:.

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Caught without an inhaler during an asthma attack?

Most asthmatics rely on medication and inhalers to manage their symptoms in the case of an asthma attack. Unfortunately, although people suffering from asthma should always keep their inhaler with them, there are moments when their inhaler may not be within reach.

Luckily, there are some non-pharmaceutical ways to regulate your breathing until you regain access to your medication. Asthma is a condition in which your airways narrow and swell and produce extra mucus. This can make breathing difficult and trigger coughing, wheezing and shortness of breath. According to the University Of Maryland Medical Center , Asthma attacks can be triggered by a large variety of triggers, including:.

However, if you experience any of the following symptoms, seek emergency medical assistance as soon as possible 1 :. Lying down or hunching over can restrict air flow to your lungs. Instead, sit upwards with your back straight. This will help keep your lungs open wide and maximize the amount of air your breathe in. Deep breaths will help control your heart rate and loosen up any tension you may have in your chest. Just sit upright, and take deep, belly breaths through your nose and exhale through your mouth.

If you have a peak-flow-meter device that measures how much air you can expel from your lungs —use it. Emotional stress can trigger or worsen asthma attacks. Stay calm by breathing deeply and using meditation or visualization.

You may find it helpful to stay quiet talking can worsen symptoms and to find someone nearby to comfort you. Certain vitamins and minerals, like vitamin C and magnesium, can help manage asthma symptoms. Owing to its bronchodilating and anti-inflammatory effects, magnesium is an encouraging adjuvant therapy for child asthmatics 2.

This may seem obvious, but it may be difficult to do during your attack. Caffeine appears to improve airways function modestly, for up to four hours, in people with asthma. Caffeine is metabolized into theophylline which helps in treating and preventing asthma as it relaxes the airway. It does, however, speed up you heart rate, so stick to a cup or two to avoid hyperventilating. The hot steam will help loosen mucus. Alternatively, use a humidifier during your attack and in your everyday life is a great way to prevent an attack from being triggered by dry air.

Your asthma symptoms can quickly go from managed and mild to severe and life-threatening. Other natural remedies include following a special diet remove any allergens and pro-inflammatory foods , having acupuncture treatments and massage to manage stress. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly.

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