How to transfer pics from pc to ipad 2

how to transfer pics from pc to ipad 2

Transfer Files from PC to iPad with PC to iPad File Transfer Software

Part 2:How to Transfer Photos from Computer to iPad via iTunes. iTunes is a default choice to transfer photos from computer to iPad for many people. Let's see how it works: Step 1: Launch iTunes on your computer, and then connect your iPad to computer via a USB cable. Select the iPad icon located on the top-left of the menu. The latter option is to transfer photos on your computer to the iPad via the iCloud app. Option 2: Import photos from PC to iPad via the iCloud app for Windows. With the iCloud app, you can transfer your photos between your PC and iPad. 1.

But the transferring process is not as easy as we think it should be. Since PC and iPad are two different operating systems, we can't simply drag and drop the photos. So, how to transfer photos from PC to iPad? Many people will use iTunes or iCloud syncing. Are there any other ways? Of course! Follow this article and you will know 7 simple ways to import photos from computer to iPad. Want to know how to transfer photos from pc to iPad without iTunes?

In this part, we offer 6 ways to help you import photos to iPad without the need for iTunes, read on and learn more. There is an easy and efficient way to transfer photos from PC to iPad.

All you need to do is to embrace a middleman -- iPad Photo Transfer. This is a very useful tool which considered as a great alternative for iTunes. It helps you to what is the difference between whey protein and casein protein data including photos from PC to iPad and vice versa without iTunes or iCloud.

Step 2: Go to the Photos section then click Add icon on the top. Using iPad Photo Transfer, your photos from computer can be quickly how long to cook frozen twice baked potatoes to iPad. You can also use it to transfer photos or other files from iPad to PC. Step 3: Click Options on the Photos tab.

Step 5: Click iCloud on your computer, click Upload photos and then select the photos you want to transfer. Now, open the Photos app on your iPad, you can see the photos from computer are downloaded to your iPad.

Speaking of the cloud service, Google photos is also well-received by many users. Offering unlimited free space for high quality photos, this app allows you to back up your photos and access them on the website or any device. To copy photos from computer to iPad via Google photos, you can upload photos to the Google Photos and download them to your iPad. Step 1: On your computer, log in to photos. Step 2: Click Upload on the top-right corner, select the photos you want to transfer.

Step 3: Choose the size of the photos Original or High Quality that you want to store. Step 4: On your iPad, download and open Google Photo, find the photos you want and tap the Share iconchoose Save image. Google Drive offers 15 GB for us to back up our files like photos to cloud. The steps of using Google Drive to transfer photos from computer to iPad is similar to Google photos.

Name the new folder "photos " or whatever you like. Select the photos that you want to transfer from computer to iPad and click Open. Now the photos have uploaded to the cloud. Dropbox is a great tool that offers 2 GB free limited space to store, share files. Same as using other cloud services, we can use it to transfer pictures from computer to iPad as well. Step 2: Click Upload files and select the pictures from your computer. Click Done when the process is finished. Step 3: On your iPad, download Dropbox and log into your Dropbox account.

Step 4: Select the photos you want and download them to your iPad by tapping the Download icon on the top-right. Email can be used as an interface when it comes to transferring photos from computer to iPad. It is very easy to operate if you don't have many photos to transfer. Let's see how it works:. Select the iPad icon located on the top-left of the menu. Step 2: Click Photos under the Summary tab on the left. And then go to Sync Photos box. Step 3: Select Choose folders.

On the pop-up window, find the folder that stores the photos you want to transfer and then click Select folder to confirm. In this way, if you add new photos to your folder on the computer, they will sync to your iPad automatically whenever your iPad is connected to the computer.

It sounds very convenient how to dry bread crumbs for stuffing given the limited storage on iPad, it may not be a very ideal way to transfer your photos from computer to iPad. So that's all for how to transfer photos from PC to iPad. Comparatively speaking, the easiest and most direct way is to use iPad Photo Transfer. Using cloud service could be very inconvenient because if you run out of the storage space, you have to remove the old photos to free up space for you to transfer.

But with iPad Photo Transfer, you are free from this trouble, you can transfer photos as many as you want to iPad anytime. What is the most frequent way do you use to copy photos from pc to iPad? Please feel free to share your experience by leaving a comment below. How to Transfer Music from iPad to Computer? Top 3 Ways You Can't Miss. So Easy! Feedback Help us make our website better for you Please select your question type and we'll guide you to the right service team.

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Apr 16,  · So, before you start to transfer photos from computer to iPad, you need to download and install the latest version iTunes for Windows on your PC, after that you can move forward. 1. Connect the iPad to the Windows PC with a USB cable. 2. The PC will recognize the device after a few moments; it will be registered as a Portable Device. Jan 23,  · Way 2: Transfer photos from computer to iPad via Email. If you have an Email application on iPad, you can copy photos from computer to iPad with Email. As for the solution, you can save the photos as attachment on iPad. But there is a limitation for attachment size, which you can only upload few photos to each email at one time. Jul 03,  · FoneTrans for Windows & Mac: - Manager iPad Air 2, Transfer Files Between iPad Air 2 and Computer.

By default, Apple iOS on iPads, iPods and iPhones does not allow access directly to the file system on the hard drive or memory card used in the device. Consequently, you cannot create data folders in the same way you would on a computer — with the exception of photo folders in Camera Roll.

Because of the lack of file system access, you cannot use iTunes to transfer complete folders to the device.

To copy data to a second-generation iPad and maintain folder and sub-folder structure, you must download and install a third-party app. Open a new browser tab or window. Download and install a file browser application that enables you to access the iOS file system on a second-generation iPad and transfer files and folders to the device.

Applications such as DiskAid for iOS, iPhoneBrowser and iExplorer are all very similar programs that let you transfer folders from your computer to app folders on an iPad, iPhone or iPod see links in Resources.

Launch iTunes on the computer. Connect the iPad 2 to the computer using the USB data sync cable, and then wait a few seconds for the tablet to appear in the Devices list. Minimize iTunes but do not close it. Launch the file browser application on the PC, and then wait a few seconds for the program to detect the connected iPad. Click "Apps" or "App folders" in the navigation pane, and then select the app folder into which you want to copy the folder from the PC.

Press "Window-E" to open File Explorer. Navigate to the folder you want to copy to the iPad. Highlight the folder, and then drag it into the right pane of the file browser window and drop it. Wait a few seconds for the file browser utility to copy the selected folder to the app folder on the iPad. Jeff Grundy has been writing computer-related articles and tutorials since Since that time, Grundy has written many guides to using various applications that are published on numerous how-to and tutorial sites.

Transferring an Excel Spreadsheet to an iPhone. Share on Facebook. Step 1 Open a new browser tab or window. Step 2 Launch iTunes on the computer. Step 3 Launch the file browser application on the PC, and then wait a few seconds for the program to detect the connected iPad.

Step 5 Disconnect the iPad from the computer. Close iTunes and the file browser program. To use the above programs to move files and folders from a computer to your iPhone, you must have iTunes installed. You can download the latest version of iTunes from the Apple website see link in Resources. If you want to be able to write to the root directory of the iPad, you must jailbreak the device. As of the date of this article, there is no working jailbreak method available for iOS 7, which is the latest version of the iOS operating system.

However, if you have not update the software on your iPad to the latest version, you may be able to jailbreak the device so you can access the root directory and copy folders from your PC to it see link in Resources. On an unmodified iPad, the above applications can only write to app folders on the tablet. Consequently, if an app on the iPad does not support data folders, it will not appear in the folder list of the file browser application.

Nevertheless, many applications do support data folders. If you transfer files that you can view normally on an iPad such as certain documents, images or media files, chance are the associated app for the files will have a data folder on the tablet.

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