Nik software how to use

nik software how to use

Getting Started – Webinar

Mar 30,  · In this short video I show you how to quickly and easily shift between Lightroom and the Nik Software collection recently made free by you enjoyed. Apr 09,  · Nik Collection is compatible and can be used with either Photoshop or Lightroom editing software’s. I personally use Lightroom to edit my photos but there are a lot of Photoshop fans out there. Whichever program you like best, open it up and you’ll get a pop up letting you know that Nik Collection plugins were installed.

Nik Collection is a plugin for photo editing apps. However, many beginning photographers have difficulty in understanding how it works, is it free or paid, and how does it compliment other photo editing apps. Nik Collection is a series of plugins that you install on your computer or Mac. You use Nik Collection plugins to enhance your photos so they look better.

The plugins are very powerful and give you great control of how you can edit your photos. One of the features that make Nik Collection powerful is the ability to create precise masks very quickly using control points to create a selection mask. You can change things like tonality, color, sharpness and so on using sliders to enhance specific parts of your image. Color Efex Pro is a set of 55 comprehensive filters for controlling color, tonality, creative effects, that you can mix as you wish and apply to your images to achieve the artistic look you seek.

You can apply the filters to the whole image, or limit each of them by using selection points. Silver Efex Pro is a powerful black and white workflow plugin. Many expert photographers find to be one of the best tools for processing black and white images. Silver Efex Pro also includes 20 film emulations. Film emulations allow you to get that old black and white film look to your photos with little work.

The power lies in the versatility and the ability to fine-tune the controls that matter for creating beautiful black and white images. Silver Efex Pro is one of absolute my favorite apps when it comes to processing black and white images and far supersedes Lightroom in my point of view. Viveza is great for controlling light, color, and tonality in your photos. You can use Viveza to change the color of an object, enhance the amount of visible details in your main subject.

Viveza is a powerful way to work with local adjustments because of the control points, which makes it very easy to create precise masks so the local adjustments only affect what it should. Analog Efex Pro is a collection of different tools inspired by the analog age gathered into this plugin. It allows photographers to emulate darkroom techniques and old camera kits to get a perfect retro look.

You can achieve both subtle HDR looks with enhanced visible details or get full artistic What is the point slope form of an equation expression if that is what you prefer. Sharpener Pro is a plugin that helps you sharpen your images no matter which stage of the post-processing your image is in.

The plugin is fantastic for pre-sharpening, creative sharpening, and output sharpening, with more controls than many other photo editing apps offer. DFine helps you combat noise in your images. The automatic noise profile in Dfine is very precise, making using the plugins almost a one-click job. You can use one plugin as you please or include several plugins into your workflow, depending on the type of image you work on and what result you are looking for.

If you want to apply a retro look, you can do so with Analog Efex Pro, which is best used at any time after removing noise using DFine. You can find an in depth coverage of how to build an entire workflow using Nik Collection here.

Furthermore, since the version Affinity Photo is also supported. Yes, Nik Collection can be used as a standalone product. However, you will get the smoothest workflow if you open your images from your preferred images editor. It was never meant to have it. You can run each plugin directly as a standalone product and open a specific image from the plugin.

However, you will soon miss the basic image handling features that you have in your normal photo editor. Nik Collection plugins are not intended to be full photo editors. From within Lightroomyou need to browse and find the image you want to edit. In this way, you can make the global settings in Lightroom before taken the result into one of the Nik Collection plugins for further enhancement.

Note that to preserve a non-destructive workflow when you edit an image in one of the Nik plugins you will see a dialogue, where you choose which format to save the edited copy in, so the original RAW file from Lightroom remains intact. Any additional edits from Lightroom allow you to edit a new copy or continue to work on the first copy you made.

After making all the changes in the Nik plugin you have chosen to use, you click apply in the plugin to be taken back to Lightroom. The enhanced image already added to your Lightroom catalog just next to the original image.

Each time you open a Nik plugin and apply changes it is saved as a new layer. This makes it is easy to just hide or delete a layer in case you want to disregard the change to the image made by the Nik plugin.

Nik Collection also comes with its own Photoshop Panel, that allows you to what the meaning of analysis the plugins and then just brush in the results gradually.

However, if you know Photoshop, you can also easily create a black layer how to straighten warped lumber on the layer created by the plugin and then gradually paint in the effect with a white brush using a low opacity.

Nik Collection is no longer free. However, Google decided to discontinue the Nik Collection plugins and therefore made it free. Additionally they also stopped developing the plugins, adapting it to new software versions, and stopped offering support to existing users. The French company DXO later bought the Nik Collection from Google and updated the software to fit the newest versions of supported software.

In Color Efex Pro though it is called recipes, because you save the settings from multiple filters as a recipe for getting the specific look. You can export and import your presets and recipes to share them between your devices with Nik Collection installed. You can also buy professional Nik Collection presets and Recipes and import them into the different plugins.

Note that you cannot use Nik Collection Presets and recipes in Lightroom or any other photo editing app. As you can see above, with the right presets or recipes you can get powerful results from just a single click.

Afterwards, just modify the result to your liking. Learn more about importing presets and recipes and common issues at the bottom of this product page Nik Presets Packages. The plugins offer more controls that other photo editors lack. Furthermore, the U-point technology, where you use control points to create a mask is extremely easy and fast to use.

This makes it a set of plugins that, in my opinion, should be part of many photographers post-processing workflow. Hey I'm Peter. I'm the owner and editor of Photography-RAW. I make sure that you get the best articles about photography. Personally, I prefer to shoot landscape, nature and macro photography. I am new to Nik collection and your article is very informative. Thanks for your tutorial on Nik Collection. I am an avid user of Nik software how to use Photo as I use it only for all my photo processing works.

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It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running how to change a minors name cookies on your website. What Is Nik Collection? Nik Collection includes 7 plugins which each have their specific purpose: Color Efex Pro is a set of 55 comprehensive filters for controlling color, tonality, creative effects, that you can mix as you wish and apply to your images to achieve the artistic look you seek.

This selection of the water running through a waterfall is made by just placing 5 control points distributed on the water. White represents selected areas, whereas black represents non-selected areas. Analog Efex pro by Nik Collection. Thanks Dr. Adebayo Odunowo Reply.

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Free trial version: Download. Learn how to use the 7 plugins from the Nik Collection by DxO during this webinar. Jochen Kohl teaches us through concrete examples, the in-depth mastery of your Nik . Nik Software Essential Training. with Tim Grey. Create striking images using the Nik Collection by DxO. Learn how to leverage each of the seven plugins in the collection to add creative effects to your photos. 2h 59m Beginner Oct 22, Views 26, Preview Course. May 03,  · How To Use Nik Collection in Photoshop? If you use Nik Collection from Photoshop, you can access it from Filters > Plugins Nik Collection > and then chose the plugin you wish to use. Each time you open a Nik plugin and apply changes it is saved as a new layer.

I've just purchased Capture One Pro and am having trouble using the preferences options to get Nik Software to work as plugins. In fact the default "Open With plugin 1. I get the following message when I try to do anything using the Open With plugin: "Plugin settings could not be retrieved".

I don't seem to be able to source this plugin or a later version from the Capture One website so I can't tell if the Open With plugin I have is faulty or simply an early version.

This is a known issue, you need to download version There are many posts on the topic here. Thanks Mark. I've read all of those and the 'fixes' that are supposed to work. None of them do for me and I only get a constant outcome: "connection with plugin failed. Please try again". I notice in your screen grab that you have the Openwith plugin 1. If so this plugin was associated with version I installed I had to downgrade to Version If you still have version Some people chave done a side by side installation, i.

Just install it to a different directory so both versions are available, I myself just uninstall Ed Larry, it should populate that preferences page, and there should be no "could not be retrieved" error with If you have trouble seeing the Nik Software in the list on this page, translate the following page and follow the instruction. These instructions allowed me to populate the list for everything I wanted to edit with and open with.

I had to go thru each of the Nik products one by one, but once I did that I was good. After downloading and installing the I now get some things showing up in the list of available software, though none that I want to use. However I can't seem to add any other programs to the 'available programs' list. What I can do though is right-click on an individual TIFF file and choose edit in and get to the Nik software that way. It still doesn't populate the list and forces me to generate a TIFF file of the image then individually, every time, choose edit-in and then browse for the.

It should be much less complicated than this and I didn't expect such clunkiness when choosing to swap to Capture One. Larry, it is not very well designed. You will be able to add each of the Nik packages and they will stay there. Or I should say, that is what I did and it worked for me. As far as using the new Nik ability to keep track of your Nik settings and mods in between each time you open the.

And then the next time, select highlight the. Open with will not ask to generate the. And Nik will know it is the same. But it is some sort of cache thing with C1, because if I went to another subdirectory in my C1 catalog, and then went right back to the one with the Nik.

Thanks Kevin. I just saw your messages. I'll continue working on the issue with your suggestions. I'll probably get time to do that later tonight.

Please sign in to leave a comment. Capture One Community Capture One Larry Hamilton August 09, Can anyone advise me how to proceed? Regards Larry. Sort by Date Votes. Mark Witherington August 09, Comment actions Permalink. Larry Hamilton August 10, Mark Witherington August 10, Edited.

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