What channel is abc in oklahoma city

what channel is abc in oklahoma city

TV Schedule for ABC (KOCO) Oklahoma City, OK

Check out today's TV schedule for ABC (KOCO) Oklahoma City, OK and take a look at what is scheduled for the next 2 weeks. KOCO is a ABC local network affiliate in Oklahoma City, OK. You can watch KOCO local news, weather, traffic, live sports, daytime, primetime, & late night programming. You will be able to watch the broadcast station with an antenna on Channel 5 or by subscribing to a live streaming service.

The station is owned by the Hearst Television subsidiary of Hearst Communications. Banta, who served as the station's president, and stockholder L. Banta, both of whomlike Streetsheld similar The station began test broadcasts on July 6, ; KGEOwhich originally intended to debut on June 15, three weeks before test telecasts commencedofficially signed on the air nine days later on July The station originally maintained studio facilities located at East Randolph Avenue and North 2nd Street in northeastern Enid, adjacent to a Streets-owned appliance store; KGEO based its foot m transmission tower adjacent to the property.

Initially broadcasting nine hours of programming per day from to p. KGEO management charged that some provisions of National Telefilm Associates NTA 's contracts with NTA Film affiliatesparticularly, a compulsory hour "option" for affiliates to carry network programmingviolated FCC rules for chain broadcasters; these accusations were rebutted in an FCC hearing on October 5, what channel is abc in oklahoma city, when NTA representatives claimed that the company did not abdicate license control over programs how to wear bangs with long hair that affiliation contracts, among other allowances, permitted stations to decline clearance of certain programs.

Beginning under the stewardship of the Streets group, the station's ownership made a concerted effort to migrate channel 5 into the larger Oklahoma City metropolitan area. On January how to crochet a baby sweater youtube,Streets Electronics filed a construction permit application to build a new 1,foot m -tall cbannel in a rural area six miles 9. Department of Defense DoDwhich were concerned that broadcast towers standing at heights above 1, feet m would create safety hazards for military and civil aircraft.

Hutchison issued a recommendation for approval of the move of the KGEO transmitter to the Crescent site, citing that the how to transfer emails to gmail tower near Enid located within a mile [19 how to make muriatic acid at home proximity to Vance Air Force Base and Woodring How to get pregnant easily with pcos was more of a hazard to us than the proposed tower would have been, that the proposed tower would substantially placeresidents within KGEO-TV's signal contour.

On December 15, the Commission denied motions by Republic Television and Radio which was concerned that KGEO's move to the Crescent site would create unfair competition that would result in the shutdown of the bankrupt station to set aside the recommendation to grant of the abx application as well as a petition to reopen the what channel is abc in oklahoma city and call attention to the issues the move would cause.

The crane boom and gin pole that was hoisting the antenna off its platform buckled along with the tower, and the antenna dug a furrow into the ground, folding into four large sections during the collapse. KGEO-TV's analog signal was briefly knocked acb the air until it set up temporary transmitter facilities from an auxiliary tower in downtown Enid, where it continued to transmit until the new tower became operational.

In October of that year, the station's operations moved to a permanent studio facility on a five-acre 2. McGee and John E. Kirkpatrick, Grayce Kerr wife of state senator Robert S. The sale received FCC approval on September 27 of that year. The Oklahmoa granted KOCO a waiver of the mileage requirement in a 51 vote on How to absorb oil from water 25 of that year, after station representatives convinced the Commission that KOCO's would signal be impaired within Oklahoma City at a distance sufficient under the requirements, and that, if it were to comply with standard spacing rules and Civil Aeronautics Board tower height limitations, it would be difficult for the transmitter to provide a signal that would allow it to adequately serve both the state capital and Enid.

In Marchchannel 5 moved its transmitter facilities to a 1,foot m tower on East Britton Road in northeast Oklahoma City, at an antenna farm housing the transmission towers of other local television and radio stations; the tower was chqnnel with two days of ceremonies that included such notable guests as ABC News anchor Howard K.

Smith and the husband-and-wife comedy team of Phil Ford and Mimi Hines. One of channel 5's most popular local programs was a show aimed at younger audiences; Ed Birchall hosted a local children's channl on the station for 29 years from March until shortly before his death after a brief bout with advanced-stage cancer in July Originally debuting as Lunch With HoHo and airing under various titles including HoHo's Cartoon CircusGood Morning HoHo and HoHo's ShowplaceBirchallwho donned a colored patchwork jacket and suspender pants, a small brown top hat and oversized tie in his portrayal of HoHo the Clown starred alongside a sock puppet named Pokey played by longtime KOCO stage manager Bill Howardand presented various segments from educational content to light-hearted newspaper stories to cartoon shorts.

A memorial service the first of three held for Birchall had to be moved to St. Show originally titled At Home with Ida B. The sale received FCC approval on July 17, The deal, which was considered to be the largest purchase price for a single television station up to that time, was done to comply with an FCC rulemaking to diversify print and broadcast media ownership, under which the agency required Star Communications to divest itself of all but one of its D.

The FCC subsequently rescinded its approval of the transfer pending an inquiry into Time's purchase of the Stargiven the basis of the trade on ensuring the newspaper's financial stability.

Media Task Force and the National Black Media Coalition that accused Star Communications on reneging on efforts to help minority-owned groups obtain financing to acquire the company's broadcast properties. In the fall ofthe station's operations were relocated into a newly constructed, state-of-the-art studio facility located near the station's Britton Road transmitter site 0.

While KOCO remained under Gannett ownership for 18 years, its position in the company's portfolio was placed in limbo several times. The transaction was contingent on Gannett selling its Oakland -based newspaper, East Bay Today which served as the prototype for USA Todayto comply with cross-ownership restrictions that prohibit the common ownership of newspapers how to ph balance your body fast full-power television stations in the same market, and was part of an attempt by the what channel is abc in oklahoma city to concentrate its television station holdings to major markets.

On September channrl,Chronicle and Dity "mutually agreed" to terminate the sale agreement, after Chronicle management decided to retain ownership of KRON. Even today, that combination would have been forbidden as their respective total-day viewership falls among the agency's threshold prohibiting co-ownership of any of wbat four highest-rated television stations within a single media market.

KOCO resumed daily overnight sign-offs on December 27, ; it permanently instituted a hour schedule on November 28,offering ABC's overnight newscast World News Now on most nights and an all-night classic film block on Fridays and Saturdays, the latter of which had previously been offered by KOCO from September until it resumed signing off on cbannel in September On July 24,the Gannett Company announced that it had entered into an agreement to acquire Multimedia Inc.

However, since oklzhoma could not legally own both what channel is abc in oklahoma city broadcast television station and a cable provider in the same market under FCC rules of the time period, Gannett was granted a waiver that gave the company until December to divest itself of either Multimedia Cablevisionwhich, at abx time, was the major cable provider for most of Oklahoma City's suburban communities except for Forest Parkwhich has historically had its public utilities aligned with Oklahoma City and, therefore, was the only area suburb that was part of Cox Communications 's Oklahoma City service area at the time or KOCO-TV; the sale was finalized on December 4, Gannett would retain ownership of its Oklahoma-based Multimedia systems until it sold most of the cable provider's assets to Cox in Januaryresulting in whah integration of Multimedia's suburban Oklahoma City operations with Cox's main channel system.

The merger was approved by the FCC chhannel June 2,and finalized in August of that year; the combined group of Hearst's six existing television stations and the five it acquired from Argyle became known as Hearst-Argyle Television renamed Hearst Television in May Griffin who founded KWTV in The event was broadcast live as the station was providing wall-to-wall coverage of the accompanying supercell thunderstormwhich spawned how to play black metal riffs tornadoes across Canadian and northern Oklahoma counties, while a KOCO photojournalist positioned in the studio's garage was shooting video of the storm as oklahoja approached the Britton Road facility.

Believing a tornado had touched down because of the apparent cloud-based mesocyclone rotation, Mike LaPoint who was the station's weekend evening meteorologist from to yelled to then-chief meteorologist Rick Mitchell, "Rick, it's on the ground!

Electricity was knocked out to the studio and transmitter facilities, taking the KOCO broadcast signal off-the-air for almost 24 hours; the station remained available to Cox Communications and Multimedia Cablevision subscribers via a direct auxiliary feed transmitted by fiber optic to the cable providers.

Through this former default status, it was the only Oklahoma City television station to provide extensive live coverage of an EF4 tornado that killed eight people in Lone Grove on February 10, Over the airit broadcasts in standard definition on VHF digital channel 7. In addition to carrying MeTV programming, KOCO-DT2 is also designated as an alternate ABC affiliate, and carries network and occasionally, syndicated programs that KOCO must preempt to carry extended breaking news or severe weather coverage or special event programming on its main channel.

KOCO launched a digital subchannel on virtual channel 5. Lklahoma station's digital signal is multiplexed :. The station discontinued regular programming on its analog signal, over VHF channel 5, on June 12,as part of the federally mandated transitioned from analog to digital television. After the switchover, the marginal reductions to the broadcast radius of KOCO's digital signal created some reception gaps in parts of southern and north-central Oklahoma that previously, at best, received Grade B coverage from its analog signal.

In Maywhat channel is abc in oklahoma city station installed a new digital transmitter antenna and dish on the Britton Road tower to help extend KOCO's signal reception to the affected areas. To reach viewers throughout the 34 counties comprising the Oklahoma City Designated Market Area, KOCO-TV extends its over-the-air coverage area through a network of five low-power digital translator stations all of which transmit using PSIP virtual channel 5 encompassing much of Western Oklahoma that distribute its programming beyond the mile-wide km range of its broadcast signal.

KOCO-TV currently broadcasts the majority of the ABC network schedule, although the station airs the second hour of Good Morning America Saturday which it originally preempted from Octoberwhen that edition expanded into a two-hour broadcast, until November oklahomaa a one-hour delay from its Central Time feed; citj effect, it also preempts the third hour of the Litton's Weekend Adventure block, the remainder of which airs on a two-hour delay from its "live feed" to accommodate the two-hour-long a.

Midday college football games that ABC carries during the fall may subject Weekend Adventure programs normally aired on Saturdays in the a. Channel 5 may preempt some ABC programs to provide long-form breaking news or severe weather coverage when necessary, or air specials produced by the station's news department such as its KOCO 5 Chronicle series or weather and si specials.

Oklahoma City is one of a small number of U. Both Wheel and Jeopardy! UntilKOCO typically aired the first hour of the telethon on tape delay after the Saturday edition of its late-evening newscast, depending on the telethon's airdate, on the last weekend of May or first weekend of June; the remainder of the telecast including local segments hosted by KOCO on-air personalities would then air through its conclusion the following Sunday afternoon.

After it debuted a noon newscast in Septemberthe station aired All My Children which ABC concurrently moved to the aforementioned slot with the soap opera 's expansion to a full hour on a how to burn the belly fat and get six pack basis at a. Loving also aired mid-mornings on a one-day delay until Septemberwhen the station replaced it with the hour-long version of Home which KOCO had aired in the talk show's optional half-hour abbreviated format since it debuted two years earlier ; [] KOCO preempted ABC's half-hour soap operas LovingThe City and, until the station began clearing it in SeptemberPort Charles for most of the s in favor of first-run syndicated shows and, oklahoms Septemberan expanded midday chsnnel in its standard network slot.

In the summer ofstation management sought ABC's permission to further delay Nightline by 90 minutes to a. ABC vetoed the request and moved Nightline to then-independent station KOKH-TV, which agreed to carry the program live-to-air; KOCO relented and received permission to resume airing Nightline on a one-hour delay beginning in Aprilpushing back the near-cancellation Thicke by an extra half-hour.

The station eventually shifted Nightline to its network slot in September Channel 5 also preempted portions of ABC's Saturday how to write an envelope lineup intermittently through September as an example, The Bugs Bunny and Tweety Show and Ewoks were cchannel in favor of the local real estate program Home Showcase in The various Power Rangers series that aired as part of the ABC Kids block were also aired on a one-week delay from to a.

It was also among the more than 20 stations that declined to air ABC's November telecast of Saving Private Ryanamid concerns that the intense war violence abx strong profanity retained from the World War II -set film's theatrical cut would subject stations that aired it to being fined by the FCC, which initiated a crackdown on indecent material following the wardrobe malfunction incident during Justin Timberlake and Janet Jackson 's Super Bowl XXXVIII halftime show performance that February.

The FCC eventually determined that, even though content typically prohibited from being shown on broadcast television was not expurgated from the film's network cut, the movie's broadcast did not violate agency regulations.

Through ABC's television contract with the Big 12 Conferencechannel 5 serves as chanbel primary over-the-air rightsholder to college football games involving the University of Oklahoma Sooners and the Oklahoma State Cowboys. The station's sports department also produces local pre-game and post-game shows that air around ABC-televised Sooners how to get replacement birth certificate ontario Cowboys games, as well as a regular season preview show covering both teams that airs each August.

In Septemberafter the Tenth Circuit U. The court's delay in acting on the case and time constraints thereof led to the how to explode block in autocad abandoning its effort to telecast the game on KOCO. After NCAA regulations restricting the number of college football games that could be televised live in a single season were overturned by the U.

Channfl subsequently sold the rights to the college football games citt certain other sports events to Raycom Sports after the NCAA Division I college football season. From to and again from toKOCO also maintained a programming agreement with the Sooners to air various team-related programs during the regular season, including the head coach's weekly analysis program Oklahoma Footballwhich was channeo by then- sports director Dean Blevins and Sooners football coach Gary Gibbs. Notably, inthe station aired the Thunder's first NBA Finals appearance as an Oklahoma City-based franchise their fourth overall, counting the pre-relocation Seattle SuperSonics ' previous appearances inandwhich saw the Miami Heat defeat the Thunder to win the championship title four games to one.

During the fall months, channel 5 on preempts its early evening newscasts on Saturdaysthe p. Channel 5's news department began operations when the station signed on as Enid-based KGEO-TV on July 2,initially consisting of a half-hour, weekday-only p. By the time the station moved to Oklahoma City inthe re-called KOCO was running a five-minute newscast at p.

As part of the how to cure sensitive skin of the station's license transfer to Oklahoma City that required it to maintain an auxiliary studio in its original city of license, KOCO maintained a news bureau at its original Randolph Street facility in Enid; the bureau would eventually be closed by station management in From September until Septemberthe station produced a Sunday evening news and features program, Sundayscopewhich also featured a regular viewer mail segment hosted by general manager Ben K.

By this time, Swanson and chief meteorologist Fred Norman were joined weeknights by sports director Jerry Park, who would become the station's longest-serving on-air personality, working there for 25 years. Under the helm of news director Tom Kirby who was later promoted to president and general manager of KOCO, remaining in that role until his resignation to pursue consulting work inthe station made aggressive moves to improve its standing among the market's television news operations by highlighting investigative reporting and extensive coverage of breaking news eventsamong which, included live and filmed coverage of a July riot at the Oklahoma State Penitentiary in McAlesterwhich was compiled into a one-hour documentary that received a commendation by the National Council on Crime and Delinquency.

The station also acquired a private airplane to transport reporters and camera crews to news stories and pick up edited film reels. Tipton served as a weekend evening anchor and political reporter and also created and hosted The Black Reviewa weekly public affairs program focusing on community events and topical discussions focusing on Oklahoma's African-American community that aired on channel 5 under various titles later as Saturday Review [alternately titled Sunday Review whenever ABC Sports telecasts bumped the program from its Saturday midday timeslot] from September to March and Oklahoma Collage thereafter until its cancellation from January until November After Tipton left KOCO in to become the Ward 7 councilman on the Oklahoma City Council, representing the city's predominately African-American northeast section, Joyce Jackson-Combswho began at KOCO as a clerical assistant in and eventually rose the ranks to become an assignment reporter until her departure in took over as host what happened to fannie mae the retitled Saturday Review remaining in that role until the program was cancelled by KOCO station management and became the station's public service director.

After being acquired by Gannett, the company made substantial investments in KOCO's news operationsamong them, the acquisition of an Aerospatiale Astar branded as "Sky 5"which was the first helicopter to be used for aerial newsgathering in the Oklahoma City market upon its introduction in February The format changes during the s ultimately did not reward the station's newscasts with a ratings win, as KOCO remained at a distant third place in the ratings for many years against the then-long-dominant channel 4 and the perennially second-place KWTV.

Stahl who contended that he and Collard would have been unable to return for the press conference in time had they chosen to hike more than 2 miles 3. The convictions were appealed on press freedom infringement complaints, but were upheld by the U. Court of Appeals for the Western District of Oklahoma. The Supreme Court declined to review the case upon consideration in Januaryletting stand the convictions of Stahl and the other reporters.

On May 31,the station's early-evening newscast which had been airing at p. A separate half-hour newscast at p. All three broadcasts ranked the market's most-watched news programs in those time periods during the Ih sweeps period. Reported locally by then-assignment reporter Pam Henry, the investigative serieswhich went on to earn Peabody and Emmy Awardslooked into abuse, neglect lklahoma preventable deaths of children, elderly and mentally ill persons in the care of the Oklahoma Department of Human Services OKDHS that would lead to the resignation of agency director Lloyd Rader.

Bychannel 5's newscasts had settled into a solid second place as a series of anchor changes helped propel KWTV from a distant third all the way to first place, displacing KTVY from the 1 ratings position it held for decades. On September 12,the p. Anchors Mary Ruth Carleton and Gan Matthews, farm reporter Gene Wheatley, assignment reporter Jennifer Eve, and sports anchor Tony Sellars the latter four of which had joined KWTV by the end of left or had their zbc not be renewed, while longtime weeknight meteorologist Fred Norman was shifted to the weekend evening newscasts, where he would remain until his retirement in In an effort to improve KOCO's newscast ratings, which had declined to a distant third place over the preceding years as a result of the changes, the station lured away several anchors from oklahlma KTVY, including Jane Jayroe who, at the start of her first tenure at KOCO from tobecame the station's first female news anchor and Jerry Adams who replaced Bowen after he left channel chanjel to replace Roger Cooper as KWTV's main co-anchorboth of whom joined Harris who had been moved to the noon and p.

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