What does depression feel like tumblr

what does depression feel like tumblr

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Tumblr does the magical task of sifting through the billions and finding the hundred that are like-minded and who "get" you. I feel like I belong in this world on tumblr that I throw my fist in the air and go "Yes! People like me! I am not alone! Depression sucks. Jun 16, If I close my eyes I can feel it there. The depression that people see from the outside isnt that bad in my head. Its actually a pleasant warmth and comfort to know such a beautiful place exists but it brings me such grief to feel like I cant reach it. Sometimes I feel like this is all just a simulation and I need to wake up.

Friday tumblr. I am much more active on tumblr This is going to stay as a reminder of what I was thinking. Bests, L.

Posted by L. Sunday Worries of a twenty something. I spent about how to install shogun frame sliders days in bed hating myself.

Read more . Thursday this is a lazy post. Things are going fairly well in that I am leaving the house and got myself a part time job. My room is gumblr a mess. I haven't actually done any school work and I berate myself for being such a lazy person.

Ah yes laziness. If I weren't so lazy I would exercise. I believe the ahat reason why I got depressed was what does depression feel like tumblr I stopped running in my last year of high school. Up until that point I was on the cross country and track and field team. Mind you I wasn't very good runner, but I did it.

I lacked the discipline to actually train. And now I am still lacking the discipline to run or do any sport of sort. I make up excuses. Right now the excuse is "It's too cold outside. Then the excuse is "I'm self-concious and I have no idea how to weight lift.

I've accepted it's simply the way I am. However I am terribly self conscious of my legs. I find them disproportional to the rest of my body making me look chunkier than I am. And dows matter how much I exercised, they never became any odes. If I am not too careful, Tublr fall into the trap of cankles. I'm sick of the cold weather and wish for warmer weather. Warmer weather meaning dresses. Oh wait, no I don't like dresses because that means exposing my legs.

But this cold in mid March makes me eat so horribly. I have been living off of junk food and if I weren't so lazy I would actually go try to learn how to feed myself. And if I weren't so lazy I would go learn how to do something I'm falling into a pattern of going on tumblr and it's not giving me any joy actually.

It's just how to treat eye allergies naturally to do. Idling by. I had a relapse at the start of the tumblrr and had to drop 2 of the 3 courses I was taking.

Now I am down to one course and I have missed 3 weeks of classes since my sleeping pattern is completely reversed. I'm a bit defeated for I have far too much free time and no one to spend time with.

I'm checking emails, bloglovin', facebook and tumblr all the time and even jumped into the twitter foray. I have a short attention span and I'm avoiding writing the 3 papers I owe this course it's two terms I can text friends who are busy with either school or work but I have neither of these things going for me.

I've started a photoshop course but it is only 5 classes so perhaps I'm learning some sort of useful wha. Other than that I have very little going on in my life which is disappointing.

I'm very disappointed in myself for breaking down during the term forcing me to withdraw from courses. I've been at university for 3 years and I've only managed to complete three courses. That means I've been a first year for three years and this September it will be for the fourth year because I require 30 credits in order for second year status. I'm trying to stay away from tumblr and bloglovin' and get away from all this fashion frivolity that has become the huge distraction from facing some responsibilities.

But I feel so utterly directionless and lost. Aaah these excuses and past disappointments do more to stop me than anything else. When I cannot fall asleep at night I'm gripped with the fear that my transcript must be a how to cover a cone shaped lamp shade. Multiple fails and withdrawals and three years with only three courses completed ffeel look good if I intend to continue onto graduate school.

I hate myself for not even being able to attend one class and I feel it is very disrespectful to my whwt who has been so kind and understanding. Instead I am left to wander the streets of downtown looking at frivolous things like clothing but being broke I cannot buy anything and I feel so empty.

What is the purpose of owning a nicely curated closet if there is no place to wear it to? What is the purpose of reading countless articles if there is no one to discuss it with? As much as I do like spending time to myself, when you are alone for so many days, it is not healthy.

I know I must start exercising but Wednesday crisp. Thursday on happiness. Happiness in intelligent people is the rarest thing I know. It rang true because the bitch of a friend was the one who first proposed this idea to me. I wouldn't necessarily call her intelligent might be biased but yes she was clever in certain ways and her douchebag of a boyfriend had his moments.

Every wat has their moments of clarity. This time I saw it appear on my dash again I thought it was unfair. Soes at 7 billion people now or something? I would bet great deal of money that no one is happy and everyone is intelligent in their way. Although, my ex-boyfriend, he was not exactly very intelligent in terms of academics and a happy content fellow so exceptions exist of course.

Perhaps it is not so much that you are intelligent but if you tend to over-think, over-analyse and dwell on past events but really who doesn't then you have a harder time processing the sadness and "be happy. The other side of that blade is knowing all the potential resolutions to a problem including the negative ones. It's being able to see the negative and realize the potential for failure that allows tumbllr to become our own worst enemies.

The more intelligent you are, the fewer people there are in the world who you can talk to as equals. The majority of a people are of a certain intellect that allows them to be content with the world around them, unquestioning and accepting of who and what they are and why they are here.

The minority who is blessed and cursed with intelligence sees what should you take for a headache potential beyond simply getting up in the morning, going to work, and raising a family. They also wonder why they can't be happy and content with what makes everybody depresdion happy and content. Everybody else chatters happily about television shows and what they are going to do over the holidays, but to him or her it all sounds like meaningless noise.

Thank god for other people's writing because they can put the ideas in my head in writing more eloquently than my scattered brain can at any given moment. And the line about potential.

That really how to draw anime people step by step me. What could have happened. I am pro at playing the what-if game and being disappointed in people. Monday expecto patronum. Depression sucks.

I have no control over my emotions. I will be angry for two minutes and then sad again. I will be happy for half an hour and then emotional again. So far all I've done is lay on my bed and watch episodes of Chopped. I'm just waiting for it to pass. Older Posts Home. Subscribe to: Posts Atom.

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Apr 09, And so, yes, I think most of the groups and David could talk to this are seeing anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder like symptoms, usually on top of the more somatic symptoms that he mentioned. And that I think is to be expected. What was that? or something similar, and react emotionally to the pain; e.g. you feel annoyed or irritated. However, you will probably have reacted involuntarily even before you were consciously aware of the injury. In sudden strong pain like that generated by pricking your finger, a .

Scientists are gradually unravelling the processes within the body that lead to the unpleasant sensation of pain. What was that? However, you will probably have reacted involuntarily even before you were consciously aware of the injury. In sudden strong pain like that generated by pricking your finger, a reflex response occurs within the spinal cord.

Motor neurones are activated and the muscles of your arm contract, moving your hand away from the sharp object. This occurs in a fraction of a second before the signal has been relayed on to the brain so you will have pulled your arm away before even becoming conscious of the pain.

Sharp, pricking pain is carried by A-delta fibres while dull throbbing pain travels via C fibres. A-delta fibres conduct signals faster than C fibres as they are larger and are coated in myelin, which acts an electrical insulator.

There are several points in the pain pathway where the signal can be modified. One is the dorsal horn of the spinal cord. This is the basis of the gate control theory of pain described below. When we feel pain, such as when we touch a hot stove, sensory receptors in our skin send a message via nerve fibres A-delta fibres and C fibres to the spinal cord and brainstem and then onto the brain where the sensation of pain is registered, the information is processed and the pain is perceived.

The gate theory says that as these pain messages come into the spinal cord and the central nervous system before they even get to the brain , they can be amplified, turned down or even blocked out. This has to do with the brain being busy doing other things and shutting the gate until it can pay attention to the messages. Large diameter nerve fibres A-beta fibres responsible for transmitting signals of touch to the brain have the ability to close the pain gate and so block signals from other smaller diameter nerve fibres which transmit pain.

An example of this would be when a child falls over and hurts her knee if she rubs her knee, the signal from that sensation of touch temporarily blocks the pain signal travelling from the injured knee to the brain. What affects your experience of pain?

Severe pain quickly gets your attention and usually produces a stronger physical response than mild pain. The location of your pain can also affect how you perceive it. For example, pain coming from the head is harder to ignore than pain originating elsewhere in the body. The location of pain in your body does not always indicate where it is coming from. For example, the pain from a heart attack can be felt in the neck, jaws, arms or abdomen. This is known as referred pain and occurs because signals from different parts of the body often converge on the same neurones in the spinal cord.

The gate control theory helps explain how the brain influences your experience of pain. It seems that several factors can affect how you interpret pain:. This is the type of pain illustrated in the first diagram. Nociceptive pain is caused by any injury to body tissues, for example, a cut, burn or fracture broken bone. Postoperative pain and cancer pain are other forms of nociceptive pain. This type of pain can be aching, sharp or throbbing. Nociceptive pain can be constant or intermittent and may be worsened by movement or by coughing, depending on the area it originates from.

This is caused by abnormalities in the system that carries and interprets pain the problem may be in the nerves, spinal cord or brain. Neuropathic pain is felt as a burning, tingling, shooting or electric sensation. One form of neuropathic pain is associated with shingles a skin condition caused by varicella zoster virus. The virus triggers inflammation of the nerves and this inflammation can set off a constant deep aching, tingling or burning sensation that in some people can persist for months after the shingles rash has resolved.

People with neuropathic pain may feel pain from stimuli that are not normally painful, such as light touch or cold. They can also be more sensitive than normal to stimuli that are usually painful. For example, bedclothes touching the affected area could feel painful, and a pin prick could feel excessively sharp.

This type of pain is caused or worsened by psychological factors. Often the pain has a physical cause, but the degree of pain and disability are out of proportion to what would be experienced by most people with a similar disorder.

This does not mean that the pain is not real, even if a physical cause cannot be found. Any kind of pain can be complicated by psychological factors.

This is short-lived pain warning the body that damage is occurring. It is a symptom of injury or disease at the tissue level, and tends to resolve as the injury or disease does. Chronic pain also called persistent pain can be caused by ongoing tissue damage, such as in osteoarthritis. However, in some cases no physical cause for the pain can be found or pain persists long after the injury has healed.

In many cases chronic pain is a disorder in itself rather than being the symptom of a disease process. Chronic pain can persist for months or even years after an initial injury and can be difficult to treat.

People with chronic pain may experience sleeplessness, anxiety and depression, all of which can compound the problem. However, support and help are available, often in the form of a multidisciplinary approach, as carried out in pain management clinics. Chronic pain is an area that is being researched intensively, with the hope of relieving this distressing condition in the future. Merck Manual Home Health Handbook.

Overview of pain updated Aug Types of pain updated Aug Physiology and pathophysiology of pain revised September In: eTG complete. Melbourne: Therapeutic Guidelines Limited; Nov.

Types of pain revised February Skip to content. You prick your finger on something sharp. This causes tissue damage, which is registered by microscopic pain receptors nociceptors in your skin. Each pain receptor forms one end of a nerve cell neurone. It is connected to the other end in the spinal cord by a long nerve fibre or axon.

When the pain receptor is activated, it sends an electrical signal up the nerve fibre. The nerve fibre is bundled with many others to form a peripheral nerve. The electrical signal passes up the neurone within the peripheral nerve to reach the spinal cord in the neck. Within an area of the spinal cord called the dorsal horn, the electrical signals are transmitted from one neurone to another across junctions synapses by means of chemical messengers neurotransmitters.

Signals are then passed up the spinal cord to the brain. In the brain, the signals pass to the thalamus. This is a sorting station that relays the signals on to different parts of the brain. Signals are sent to the somatosensory cortex responsible for physical sensation , the frontal cortex in charge of thinking , and the limbic system linked to emotions.

Types of nerve fibre Different sensations are carried by different types of nerve fibre, as shown in the table below. How is pain modified? Gate control theory of pain The gate control theory of pain was put forward by Ronald Melzack and Patrick Wall in It seems that several factors can affect how you interpret pain: emotional and psychological state; memories of previous pain; upbringing; expectations of and attitudes towards pain; beliefs and values; age; sex; and social and cultural influences.

Hence the experience of pain differs from person to person. Types of pain Doctors classify pain into several types. Nociceptive pain This is the type of pain illustrated in the first diagram.

Neuropathic pain This is caused by abnormalities in the system that carries and interprets pain the problem may be in the nerves, spinal cord or brain. Neuropathic pain can be caused by various processes. Physical damage to nerves, causing abnormal signalling. Failure of the spinal cord or brain to dampen down the pain. When the spinal cord is constantly bombarded by incoming pain messages from C fibres, it amplifies the pain signal that it sends to the brain.

So you feel more intense pain. This is a brief change, lasting only seconds or minutes, but it may set the scene for more permanent changes. Increased efficiency of signal transmission at the junctions synapses between neurones. This is a complex process that can last up to several months. Psychogenic pain This type of pain is caused or worsened by psychological factors. Doctors also distinguish between acute and chronic pain.

Acute pain This is short-lived pain warning the body that damage is occurring. Chronic pain Chronic pain also called persistent pain can be caused by ongoing tissue damage, such as in osteoarthritis. At the cellular level, several processes can contribute to pain becoming chronic. Pain receptors and neurones along the pain pathway may become too easily activated. Connections between the neurons in the pathway can be altered. The brain and spinal cord may fail to dampen down the pain signals.

Pain receptors that are normally silent dormant can become activated by inflammation. After nerve injury, nerves may regrow but function abnormally. Jennifer Stevens Arthritis April 2, ,. How is Chronic Pain Managed? Jennifer Stevens Pain March 30, ,.

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