What happened to agree shampoo

what happened to agree shampoo

What happened to agree shampoo and conditioner?

What happened to agree shampoo and conditioner? In , Dep corporation bought out Agree brand and they relaunched Agree products in Japan. Products lineup were renewed, the package design and capacity changed almost the same as the current shampoo and conditioner (for damaged hair). Click to see full answer. May 31, what happen to agree shampoo? i would like to know what took the place of agree shampoo and the condictiner i really miss the way my hair felt. so what took its place. Answer Save. 4 Answers. Relevance. chelseiann. Lv 6. 1 decade ago. Favorite Answer. It's available on line to purchase. Visit sites like nicefreedatingall.com, nicefreedatingall.com, etc.

I realize your post was over 4 years ago but I believe the fragrance that smelled like Agree shampoo was called Babe by Faberge. I remember them both well. Turn on suggestions. Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type. Showing results for. Search instead for. Did you mean:. Fragrance of Agree shampoo.

Hello, Does anyone know of a cologne or perfume that had almost the same fragrance of Agree Shampoo years ago. I remember that there was one, and wish that I had asked for the name way back then. I read an article in a ladies magazine, a few years ago that listed fragrances and the other products that were similar.

I thank anyone that might can help. Message 1 of All forum topics Previous Topic Next Topic. I hope someone knows the answer. Do you remember the name of the ladies magazine by any chance? Message 2 of Dear 03wyatt22, Like you, I love the fragrance of Agree shampoo. I was so disappointed when they stopped making it back in the mid s. I'm not aware of the cologne you refer to, BUT I did find a candle in a gift store that smells almost identical to Agree shampoo.

The fragrance is called Bridgewater and it's made by Bridgewater Candle Co. I guess it's their signature fragrance. I listed a link below to their fragrance page. Their website also contains a link to their current retailers. Maybe you can locate a store close to you.

Hope this helps you a little bit Message 3 of Good luck. Message 4 of what fashion is all about Is it still called Agree or is it renamed? I can not find anything on line from this maker that is named agree shampoo or conditioner. Message 5 of Great price too! Message 6 of I know that everyone's sniffer is different but the fragrance you are think of isn't 'Colours' by Benelton or Benniton was it. I don't even think they make that fragrance now but I believe it was around the same time as Agree was Message 7 of Hi Just reading your post now,were you able to find any information on how to find this?

What are herpes symptoms in the mouth 8 of I've got to join in here.

The agree they are selling at the dollar stores bears the name AGREE but that's about it, the smell is not the same what to see downtown denver all. TRY it. Here is the link to show you all what it looks like. Message 9 of I just went to CVS today to check out the Christophe shampoo and I have to say, it smells nothing like the Agree shampoo of yesteryear. Message 10 of Message 11 of I was obsessed with agree shampoo and cannot find anything similar.

They did change the fragrance in the late 90s and it was not the same. The best shampoo I can find that leaves hair smelling just as fresh, not fruity, is Pert You can find it everywhere and it is inexpensive. This is my new go to fresh smelling shampoo. If you loved Agree, you will love this as well!! Message 12 of Message 13 of In response to laurgiro. Well Agree is back, found it on Www. Message 14 of Agree is back! Found it on Www.

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OHYAMA was only a sales agent of Agree at the time. In , Dep corporation bought out Agree brand and they relaunched Agree products in Japan. Products lineup were renewed, the package design and capacity changed almost the same as the current . Agree was a popular hair care brand in the s, when the shampoo and conditioner vowed to help young consumers avoid the scourge known as the greasies. S.C. Johnsons advertising for its Agree shampoo, and the accompanying cream rinse and conditioner, promised to fight the oily hair that it said teens in particular were especially susceptible to. Jan 14, Agree spoke to me on a profound level back in the day. That pretty shade of green liquid, the fact that it got rid of the "greasies" (it really did), and Belinda Carlisle of the Go-Go's was the spokesperson (The Go-Go's were my favorite band of the 80s, bar none, and not just because they were and still are an all-girl band, although that IS awesome).

The ads said that Agree conditioner, for example, was Agree was later discontinued, although the hair care products are not forgotten, and some devoted fans still buy dusty bottles via the Internet. The shampoo and conditioner were created and marketed by the Andrew Jergens Company. GYHST was known for its spicy floral fragrance that lingered for hours after washing hair and drying. This shampoo came in a magenta colored bottle with bright, bubbly lettering on the label.

The packaging was as much of an attention grabber as the product name and distinctive fragrance. Many people loved GYHST shampoo and conditioner, and were bewildered when they could no longer find it at their local pharmacy or discount store.

For unknown reasons, Jergens discontinued this popular shampoo in the early s. This decision was not a popular one among the users of this shampoo that has a cult like following. Discontinuing products is not unusual in the cosmetics and beauty product industry. People tend to buy products that contain the newest ingredients, formulated from cutting edge technology. Whether it was the beer which enhanced the fullness and softness of the hair or not, the shampoo did leave hair very soft and full, especially after blow drying.

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