What is back to the future about

what is back to the future about

Back to the Future timeline

Marty McFly, a 17 year old high school student gets lost in by an accident, 30 years back in time. With the help of his friend Dr. Emmet Brown, he is desperately trying to find his way back to the future in the year It becomes a battle against the clock. It is the year Oct 10, Parents need to know that Back to the Future is a s time-travel favorite that includes scenes in which main character Marty McFly (Michael J. Fox) and his friends are in physical jeopardy: A bully initiates a mostly off-camera assault on a high school girl, there's a violent attack in which a key character is thought to be killed, a van chases a teen on a skateboard, and more.5/5.

Back to the Future is a American science fiction film directed by Robert Zemeckis. Set inthe story follows Marty McFly Foxa teenager accidentally sent back to in a time-traveling DeLorean automobile built by his eccentric scientist friend Doctor Emmett "Doc" Brown Lloyd. Trapped in the past, Marty inadvertently prevents his future parents' meetingthreatening his very existenceand is forced to reconcile the pair and somehow get back to the future. Back to the Future was conceived of inby Gale and Zemeckis.

They were desperate for a successful film after numerous collaborative failures, their idea was rejected by over 40 studios because it was not considered raunchy enough to compete with the successful comedies of the era.

A development deal was secured following Zemeckis' success directing Romancing the Stone Fox was the first choice to portray Marty, but he was unavailable; Eric Stoltz was cast instead. Shortly after principal photography began in NovemberZemeckis determined Stoltz was not right for thhe part and made the concessions necessary to hire Fox. Back to the Future was filmed in and around California and on sets at Universal Studios. Filming concluded the following April. Replacing Stoltz delayed production and the film's release date but, following highly successful test screenings, the date was brought forward to July 3,futurd give Back to the Future more time in theaters.

This resulted in a rushed post-production schedule, and some incomplete special effects. Critics praised the story, comedy, and the castparticularly Fox, Lloyd, Thompson, and Glover.

In the years since its release, Back to the Future has grown in esteem and is now considered to tk among the greatest films of the s, one of the best science-fiction films ever made, and one of the greatest films of all time.

With its effect on popular how to find background information on people for free and a dedicated fan following, Back to the Future launched a multimedia franchise. This includes an animated television seriesvideo gamescomic books, board games, clothing, music, books, food, toys, collectibles, and theme park rides.

Its enduring popularity has led to numerous books about its production, futuee, and commercials. Back to the Future has been adapted into a stage musical. At home, Marty's cowardly father George is bullied by his supervisor, Biff Tannen. His mother Lorraine is an overweight, depressed alcoholic, and his older siblings are professional and social failures.

An aspiring thee, Marty's band is rejected for a music contest. He confides in his girlfriend Jennifer Parker about fears fuutre becoming like his parents, despite his ambitions. Doc unveils a time machine built from a modified DeLoreanpowered by plutonium he swindled from What do passports look like terrorists.

Doc inputs a destination abojt of November 5, the day he first conceived his time travel invention. The terrorists arrive unexpectedly, opening fire and shooting Doc. Arriving inMarty discovers he has no plutonium to return. While exploring a burgeoning Hill Valley, Marty encounters his teenage father and discovers Biff has been bullying him since high school.

George falls into the path of an oncoming car while spying on the teenage Lorraine, and Marty is knocked unconscious while saving him.

He wakes to find himself tended to by Lorraine, who becomes infatuated abkut him. Marty tracks down a younger Doc and convinces him he is from the future. Doc explains the only source available in capable of generating the required 1. Marty shows Doc a flyer from the future that documents an upcoming lightning strike at the town's courthouse. Marty's siblings begin to fade from a photo he is carrying with him. He and Doc realize Marty's actions are altering the future and jeopardizing their chances to exist; Lorraine was supposed to meet George instead of Marty after the car accident.

Early attempts to get his parents acquainted fail, and Lorraine's infatuation with Guture deepens. Lorraine asks Marty to the school dance. He plots to feign inappropriate advances on Lorraine, allowing George to intervene and "rescue" her. The plan goes awry when Biff's gang interrupts and locks Marty in the trunk of the performing band's agout, while Biff forces himself onto Lorraine. George arrives expecting to find Marty, and Biff bullies him into submission. After Biff hurts Lorraine, an enraged George knocks him unconscious.

He escorts a grateful Lorraine to the dance. The band frees Marty from their car, but the lead guitarist is injured in the process. Marty takes his place and performs while George and Lorraine share their first kiss. With his future no longer in jeopardy, Marty heads to the courthouse to meet Doc. Doc discovers a note from Marty warning him about his future and destroys it, worried about the what does a puffin bird look like. To save Doc, Marty re-calibrates the DeLorean to return ten minutes before he left the future.

What age can you get a paper round lightning strikes, sending Marty back tobut the DeLorean breaks down, forcing Marty to run back to the mall. He arrives whqt Doc is being shot. While Marty grieves at his side, Doc sits up, revealing he pieced Marty's note back together and wore a bulletproof vest.

He takes What is back to the future about home and departs to the future in the DeLorean. Marty wakes the next morning to discover his bacl is now a successful, confident author, his mother is fit and happy, his siblings are successful, and Biff is a servile valet in George's employ.

As Marty reunites with Jennifer, Doc suddenly reappears in the DeLorean, insisting they return with him to the future to save their children from terrible fates. James Tolkan portrays Hill Valley high school principal Strickland in both and Singer Huey Lewis cameos as a judge for the Battle of the Bands contest. Duran and Jeff O'Haco portray the Libyan terrorists. Harry Waters Jr. Following the release of their comedy Used CarsGale visited his parents and came across his father's high school yearbook.

He did not think so, but realized he could test his theory if he could travel back to a time when he and his parents were wha similar age.

Bacl and Zemeckis began a draft in late They sketched and acted out each scene to help develop the dialogue and actions. Price had liked Used Cars and was keen to work with the pair. Gale recalled having to rein in Zemeckis' enthusiastic pitch before Price had time to change his mind. Price believed it needed significant refinement. Some early concepts were abandoned. Originally, the changes to had a more significant impact onmaking it more futuristic, but every person who read the script hated the idea.

The pair drew humor from the contrasts between andsuch as Marty entering a soda shop while wearing clothing. The shop owner asks Marty if he is a sailor because his down vest resembles a life preserver. They also identified conveniences of that Marty would take for granted but be denied in The pair struggled as they were in their 30s and did not particularly identify with either era.

Heinlein inspired them. They knew it had to be Lorraine who stopped the relationship; she remarks that kissing Marty feels like kissing her brother. Gale jokingly said no-one asked how she could make that comparison, but audiences would accept it because they did not want the relationship to happen. Price opted not to green-light the second draft. He liked it, but he did not think it would impress others.

Back to the Future was considered too tame in comparison. However, with their previous collaborations considered relative failures, Gale and Zemeckis feared another misstep would give them a reputation of only getting work because they were friends with Spielberg. Zemeckis opted to accept the next project offered to him, Romancing the Stone Sidney Sheinberg installed himself as chief executive to oversee the studio's investment in the project.

However, rights to Back to the Future remained tied to Columbia Pictures. Its similarities to Double Indemnity meant the studio would violate Universal Pictures' copyright. With production bck, McElwaine asked for the rights from Price; in exchange, Price obtained the rights to Back to the Future. Sheinberg suggested modifications to the film including futurs the title to Space Man from Pluto because he believed Back to the Future would not resonate with audiences.

Spielberg intervened, sending Sheinberg a memo reading: "Hi Sid, thanks for your most humorous memo, we all got a big laugh out of it, keep 'em coming. Michael J. Fox was the first choice to portray Marty McFly. Gale and Zemeckis believed his acting timing in the sitcom Family Ties as the how to block an email address in mozilla thunderbird Alex What is brake master cylinder. Keaton could be translated to Marty's clumsiness.

Concerned Fox's absence would damage Family Ties ' successespecially with fellow star Meredith Baxter absent for maternity leave Goldberg did not give Fox the script. Zemeckis suggested McFly because it sounded "All-American". Lithgow was unavailable, and the role was offered to Lloyd. He was reluctant to join the production until a friend encouraged him to take the part. Gale described his performance as "nuts", and Zemeckis was reportedly unhappy with Glover's performance choices and instructed him to be more restrained as the older George.

Cohen were considered to play Biff Tannen. Wilson; his first feature starring role. Melora Hardin was cast as Jennifer Parker on a two-film contract. After Stoltz was replaced, the crew were polled about Hardin being taller than What size pool cue should i use the female crew overwhelmingly voted Marty should not be shorter than his girlfriend. Sheinberg insisted films featuring chimps never did well.

Lewis agreed to appear as long as he was uncredited and could wear a disguise. Owing to how to connect a jam wireless speaker tight schedule, editing occurred alongside the filming process.

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Oct 21, The original "Back to the Future" has characters in scoffing at fictional character Goldie Wilson's aspirations to become mayor (when he was, in fact, the mayor of fictional town Hill Valley), and at the actor Ronald Reagan's chances of becoming president. Marty McFly, and we as viewers, knew differently. May 01, The original Back to the Future film begins in , where George and Lorraine are now married and live in a modest suburban home in Hill Valley. Author: Lauren Thoman. 15 rows The Back to the Future film trilogy presents a detailed local history of the fictitious city of.

The Back to the Future trilogy is a classic, with a weaving narrative that pinballs back and forth through time, folding in on itself over and over like a perplexing piece of origami. While these movies have been around for so long that the distant "future" they imagine is now our past, their storytelling is complex enough that it's understandable if you still don't fully understand how all the different timelines play out and relate to one another which is why we're here to explain it.

There's really no good way to chronologically trace the timeline of the Back to the Future movies, since each one splits into alternates so many times that it would be confusing to attempt to look at them all side by side. Instead, what we're going to do here is follow the different timelines as they branch off, even though that requires some bouncing around through various decades and centuries.

So buckle your seatbelts and hold on tight as we ramp up to 88 miles per hour and dive into all the time-traveling adventure of Back to the Future. There's not a lot we know about the original version of before Marty and Doc started messing with it, but we do know one vitally important event that happens: Clara Clayton Mary Steenburgen was hired to be the new teacher at the Hill Valley school.

She had just arrived at the Hill Valley train station, loaded up her wagon with her possessions, and was heading to her new home when a snake spooked her horses. She lost control of her wagon, and her horses took off galloping toward Shonash Ravine. After careening into the ravine, Clara died without ever making it to her teaching post. Clayton Ravine wound up being named after her, and the story of her death became an urban legend at Hill Valley High.

When students didn't like their teachers, they'd say they wished they would fall into the ravine like Clara Clayton. At the time of her death, Clara was single with no children. In Hill Valley during the fall of , a teenage George McFly Crispin Glover is up in a tree using a pair of binoculars to watch his high school crush Lorraine Baines Lea Thompson change in her bedroom when he falls out into the road and is hit by a car.

The driver of the car turns out to be Lorraine's father, who not realizing that George was peeping through his daughter's window brings George into their house to recuperate. Lorraine finds herself attracted to George, drawn in by his apparent helplessness, and the two decide to attend the Enchantment Under the Sea Dance together, where they kiss for the first time.

Wilson , another teen in their high school class who bullies George relentlessly. Although Lorraine chooses George, Biff remains fixated on her, and works to make George's life more miserable as a result. On November 5, shortly before Lorraine and George meet, Dr. Emmett "Doc" Brown Christopher Lloyd slips off his toilet while hanging a clock, bangs his head, and is temporarily knocked unconscious. When he comes to, he's had a vision of an invention called a flux capacitor, which is what makes time travel possible.

On November 12, the clock tower at the Hill Valley courthouse is struck by lightning. The original Back to the Future film begins in , where George and Lorraine are now married and live in a modest suburban home in Hill Valley.

At work, George reports to Biff, who continues to bully him and creepily hit on Lorraine. Instead of doing his homework, George has now graduated to doing Biff's reports for him. Lorraine's brother Joey is in jail, and has failed to make his parole for at least the second time. Fox , who is 17 and dreams of being a rock star. Marty's best friend is the eccentric scientist Doc Brown, and he has a serious girlfriend named Jennifer Claudia Wells , of whom Marty's mother doesn't approve.

After 30 years of refining his initial design, Doc finally perfects the flux capacitor and builds a time machine out of a DeLorean. Because his invention requires a huge amount of energy, he lies to a group of Libyan terrorists, promising that he'll build them a bomb with the stolen plutonium they supply and instead giving them a bomb casing filled with pinball machine parts.

As Doc conducts the first test of his time machine at the Twin Pines mall, the terrorists arrive and shoot him dead. In an effort to escape from the terrorists, Marty jumps into the DeLorean and accidentally travels back in time.

Arriving in , Marty crashes into a pine tree and winds up in a barn. After hiding the time machine, Marty walks into town, where he sees a boy about to be hit by a car and rushes to push him out of the way. The car hits Marty instead, and the driver brings him inside, after which Marty realizes that the boy he saved was his father, and that instead of becoming attracted to George during his convalescence, Lorraine is now attracted to Marty, who goes by the alias Calvin Klein.

Determined to restore the timeline, Marty seeks out the advice of the version of Doc, who has just had his vision of the flux capacitor. Doc instructs him to do whatever he has to do in order to get his parents together before Marty's timeline is completely erased from existence.

In the process, Marty's intervention gives George the idea for a sci-fi novel. Marty's plan to push his parents together results in George standing up to Biff for the first time, and a newly confident George finally kisses Lorraine. Goode," three years before the song was composed in the original timeline. Marty and Doc take advantage of the clock tower lightning strike to create the power needed to run the flux capacitor, harnessing the lightning so Marty can return to Before Marty departs, he writes Doc a letter warning him of his death in , but Doc rips the letter up, saying that the consequences of knowing his own future could be disastrous.

Marty decides to set the time of his return to a few minutes earlier than he left, hoping he'll be able to save Doc. However, by the time he arrives at the mall now Lone Pine Mall, thanks to the tree Marty crashed into in he's too late, and watches Doc get shot again.

However, after the terrorists depart and Marty approaches Doc's body, Doc sits up, revealing that he's wearing a bulletproof vest. Stunned, Marty asked how he knew; Doc admits that he let curiosity get the best of him, and taped Marty's letter back together. Marty returns home to find his family significantly better off than he left them. George is now a published science fiction novelist, and he and Lorraine are healthier and much more flirtatious than they were in the original timeline.

While they still live in the same house, the decor has received an upgrade, although Marty's room remains the same. Biff now owns an auto shop, and is responsible for the detailing on the McFly cars. Instead of a Burger King, Dave now works in an office, and while we still don't know much about Linda's life, she's at least dating a lot, which seems to speak to her increased self-confidence.

Perhaps thanks to her own altered high school dating experience, Lorraine now loves Jennifer, and the McFlys have purchased Marty a black pickup truck, which they expect him to take on his weekend trip with her. We never see what would've originally happened in the original timeline before Marty traveled back to the first time, and we actually never get to learn exactly how things play out in the first new timeline he creates either.

The first perspective of that we get is Doc's, whose presence in causes yet another timeline to branch off. However, odds are that most of this new timeline was very similar. In this timeline, after graduating high school, Marty going to pursue a career in music, but finds his rock star dreams thwarted due to a hand injury sustained during a car accident. In , Marty Jr. He's apprehended by police, and sentenced to 15 years in prison. Marlene then attempts to break him out, and she is sentenced to 20 years.

Doc witnesses all of this during his visit, and takes a newspaper to help him track alterations to the timeline.

He also gets a hover conversion for the DeLorean which allows the car to fly, replaces the DeLorean's energy source with a Mr. Fusion portable nuclear reactor, and puts his dog, Einstein, into a suspended animation kennel which honestly seems pretty risky, considering that he's about to reset the whole timeline again. Just as everything seems perfect for Marty in , Doc returns from and informs Marty and Jennifer now played by Elizabeth Shue that their future children need their help.

The three of them pile into the DeLorean which can now fly, thanks to its alterations and zip back to , thus spinning off a third alternate timeline. Biff sees them disappear, but can't make sense of what he saw for another 30 years. In , Jennifer is knocked unconscious while Marty impersonates his son so he can avoid the payroll robbery, thus giving both of his children a better fate. Thanks to Marty's intervention, Griff and his gang are arrested instead.

Feeling lucky, Marty purchases a Grays Sports Almanac, detailing the results of sporting events from , but Doc makes him throw it away. However, recognizing the flying DeLorean from , a much older Biff realizes that it's a time machine. Meanwhile, Jennifer is brought to her future home by well-meaning police officers who believe she's the version of herself.

While hiding from her future family, she witnesses the older Marty being fired by his boss after agreeing to participate in an illegal scheme with a coworker. Afterward, she reconnects with Marty and Doc, and the trio plus Einstein, who's thankfully fine return to Old Biff returns to November 5, , the same day Marty originally traveled to in the first movie.

He tracks down the teenage Biff at his grandmother's house and gives the Grays Sports Almanac to his younger self, instructing him to use it to place bets on sporting events.

At first, the younger Biff is skeptical, but Old Biff convinces him of the almanac's authenticity by using it to predict the results of a live event being reported on the radio. After convincing teenage Biff of the almanac's potential power, Old Biff instructs him to always keep it hidden and locked up. He also warns his younger self that at some point in the future, a "kid" or a "crazy, wild-eyed old man who claims to be a scientist" may show up asking about the book.

When that happens, Old Biff tells Young Biff that he shouldn't hesitate to kill them. Old Biff then takes the DeLorean and returns to , leaving the almanac with his younger self. Not long after, Biff uses the sports almanac to place his first bet, and quickly starts amassing a fortune. Sometime after Marty was born, Biff now a billionaire, thanks to the almanac murders George McFly and marries Lorraine. He also starts a company called BiffCo, uses his vast resources and influence to legalize gambling in California, and builds himself a story casino in Hill Valley named Biff's Pleasure Paradise.

Biff's control doesn't end with his businesses, though. He also largely usurps control of the Hill Valley Police Department, leading to Hill Valley becoming a teeming crime hub. As for Lorraine's children, by , Dave has fallen into a life of crime, although Biff pays to keep him out of jail; Linda lives off of Biff's credit cards; and Marty is sent to boarding school in Switzerland. Back in Hill Valley, Biff forces Lorraine to get cosmetic surgery and she becomes an alcoholic.

This is the that Marty and Doc return to, in which they quickly realize that something in the past has gone horribly wrong. Doc learns that the D version of himself has been committed to a mental hospital, and that George McFly is dead. Marty confronts Biff, who readily admits everything about the almanac and his murder of George, and also tells him exactly when he received the almanac from his future self.

Biff then attempts to shoot Marty with the same gun that killed his father, but Marty and Doc escape in the DeLorean.

Marty and Doc travel back to to steal the sports almanac back from younger Biff and restore the timeline. Most events play out as they did in A, since Doc and Marty have to be careful not to allow the other versions of themselves from the first movie know they are there. Marty manages to steal the almanac from Biff after George knocks him unconscious, but Biff later manages to steal it back.

Finally, Marty is able to retrieve the almanac from Biff's car while he's driving it, resulting in yet another car crash. Doc implores Marty to burn the almanac, which he does using a matchbook he'd taken from Biff's Pleasure Paradise in D.

As the almanac burns, the logo on the matchbook changes into the one for Biff's auto detailing business from A. Satisfied that they've restored the timeline, Marty and Doc prepare to return to , but before Doc can land the DeLorean and allow Marty to climb in, the flying car is struck by lightning and disappears.

Doc arrives in , back in the earliest days of Hill Valley, and finds that the time circuits of the DeLorean have been completely fried by the lightning strike. Lacking the technology to fix the time machine, Doc realizes he's stranded in , and builds a new life for himself as a blacksmith.

After spending some time in , Doc decides to hide the DeLorean in a mine shaft and leave detailed instructions for Marty on how to fix it in , so he can return to

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