What is the chinese game mahjong

what is the chinese game mahjong

What Is Mahjong?

Mahjong is a popular Chinese game played with sets of tiles. Like many popular games, mahjong has many regional variations, from the Chinese prevailing wind system to American mahjong with special bingo-like scoring cards. These rules will focus on the most basic rules of mahjong, which are the same across most other variants. How to Play Mahjong. The Chinese game Mahjong is played at a table with four players at a time. Chinese Mahjong is like Gin Rummy where players must collect cards in the same suit or value. Each player is dealt 13 tiles, and they must collect groups of the same tile. You need four groups of three and one pair of the same.

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There are 29 references cited in this article, how to make toasted wraps can be found at the bottom of the page. This article has been viewedtimes. Learn more Mahjong is a strategy game that originated in China. It's similar to rummy, but it's played with tiles instead of cards. Generally, you play with 4 people, though you can play with 3 as well.

The goal is to form 4 melds and a pair, creating mahjong. You'll find there are many variations of mahjong, so these rules aren't definitive. You should always defer to the rules of the people you're playing with. Mahjong is a fun 4-player game where players try to form melds with tiles to score points. The goal of the game is to get the highest score by creating a mahjong, which is thee melds and a pair.

A meld is a set how to write a website about us page 3 matching tiles pong meld4 matching tiles kong meldor 3 consecutive numbers wgat the same suit gaem meld. There are 3 suits: bamboos or stickscharacters, and dots. The tiles within the suits are numbered 1 through 9. There are also 4 wind tiles, 3 dragon tiles, 4 flower tiles, and 4 season tiles. To start the game, mix all tiles together face-down, then divide them mahjng among the players.

Each player makes a wall in front of them with their 36 tiles by stacking 1 row of 18 tiles on another row of 18 tiles. Then, everyone pushes their rows together to form a square.

Each player picks up 13 tiles from the row on iw side. Next, each player rolls 2 dice and the highest number goes first. On a player's turn, they start by drawing a new tile from their row. If they draw a tile that makes a meld with the other tiles in their hand, they can call it out and lay the tiles in the meld face-down in front of them.

After a player draws a tile and plays any melds they have, they discard a tile from their hand by placing it face-up in the middle of the square. Finally, they draw a new tile from their row to end their turn, and the player to their left goes next.

At any point in the game, any player can pick up a tile from the middle of the square to make a meld, whether it's their turn or not. Players can also pick up a pair with the wind, dragon, flower, or season tiles.

Each time a player claims a tile to make a meld or pair, they must announce it out loud before picking up the tile and setting it face-up in front them. The game is over when one player has created a mahjong, or 4 melds and a pair of matching tiles. When a player scores a mahjong, they reveal their 4 melds and the pair. Only the winning mahjong is scored. An exposed pong is worth 2 points, an exposed kong is worth 8 points, and mahjnog exposed chow is worth 0 points.

A concealed pong is worth 4 points, a concealed kong is worth 16 points, gsme a concealed chow is worth 0 points. A pair of winds or dragons is worth 2 points, what is the chinese game mahjong 4 flowers are worth 4 points. Any other pairs are worth 0 points. After you score the winning Mahjong, shuffle the winning tiles and play another round. Play 4 rounds in total. How to find the pitch of a screw player with the highest score after 4 rounds wins the game!

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This image may not be used by other entities without the express written consent of wikiHow, Inc. Find a set of mahjong tiles. A set consists of tiles. You can find these sets online at a variety of price points, so don't worry, you won't need to shell out a lot of money if you don't want to! You should also be able to find them at gaming stores. Some only havefor instance. Some sets what is the chinese game mahjong very expensive because they are hand carved!

Learn the suit tiles first. These hame much like suits in a deck of cards. Each suit has 4 identical sets of 9 tiles. There thw of what is my american indian name tiles in total. The number 1 tile for bamboo is a bird, typically an owl or a peacock. Use honor tiles like suit tiles. Honor tiles are special tiles. Honor tiles show red and green dragons or the 4 winds. You can use these almost like suit tiles in that you can match them to make "melds," 3-of-a-kind or 4-of-a-kind.

You get 4 sets of the same 3 tiles. Decide whether you will use the bonus tiles. Bonus tiles show seasons and flowers. Typically, you include these tiles in Chinese and Korean versions of Mahjong, but not always how to play cute without the e on acoustic guitar American or Japanese versions.

You mahojng use these to make melds, but they can give you extra points in your hand at the end. A set might have plum, orchid, chrysanthemum, and bamboo flowers, 1 of each. Then, it will have 1 tile for each season. You might also have 4 blank tiles, which can be used as jokers. Part 2 of Roll wgat set of dice to see who will be the East Wind. The East Wind is the dealer for that game. Whoever rolls the highest on 2 dice is designated as the East Wind.

Place the tiles face-down to shuffle them and deal. Set all the tiles in the middle of the table and turn them upside-down. Mix them around with your hands to shuffle the tiles. The East Wind can decide when the tiles are shuffled enough. Have the East Wind deal 13 tiles to each person. The East Wind deals 1 tile to each player at a time. When each player has 13, stop dealing. You'll have tiles leftover. Just leave them in the middle in a group, as you'll draw from them throughout the game.

Line up the tiles facing you to form your hand. Then you push all the walls together to form a square. The East Wind throws 2 dice, then counts from the right to that point in the wall and pushes 2 stacks of tiles forward to put in their hand.

Players take turns pulling out stacks, 2 chniese at a time until they reach 12 each. Then, the East takes 2 tiles and the other 3 players take a single tile.

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Jan 22,  · Mahjong is a Chinese game with an interesting history. It is traditionally played with several tiles. Like most decks of cards, these tiles have several suits and ranks. After a dealer is chosen, the tiles are shuffled, and each player chooses his tiles. Jan 22,  · While the origin of mahjong (??, ma jiang) is unknown, the fast-paced four-player game is popular throughout Asia and is gaining a following in the West. The game was first sold in the US in the s and has become popular in the last decade. Mahjong is often played as a gambling game.

Mahjong is a Chinese game with an interesting history. It is traditionally played with several tiles. Like most decks of cards, these tiles have several suits and ranks. After a dealer is chosen, the tiles are shuffled, and each player chooses his tiles. The players then try to make matches with their tiles. There are a few theories about the origins of mahjong. Some individuals believe that Confucius invented the game around BC. Many other individuals dispute this claim, stating that there is no evidence of this game before the 19th century.

Another theory suggests that mahjong was created by soldiers who were simply looking to pass the time during the Taiping rebellion in the s. Mahjong, however, was most likely based on a similar card game called ma tiae. After , this game became increasingly popular in China. The People's Republic of China banned mahjong and all other gambling games, however, in the s. It wasn't until that the ban was lifted.

After this time, mahjong once again became a popular game, not only in China, but in many parts of the western world as well. Mahjong tiles or cards may be used when playing this game, but the former is more common. These tiles are often split into suits. A mahjong set may include or tiles, depending on where it originated.

The three main suits of mahjong tiles are circles, bamboo, and characters. Tiles in each of these suits are numbered one through nine. Tiles in the circle suit have one to nine circles on each tile, while tiles in the bamboo suit have one to nine sticks on each tile.

Tiles in the character suit, on the other hand, are traditionally labeled nine different Chinese numerals. There are four of each of these tiles, for a total of suited tiles. Honor tiles have no suit or rank. Two types of honor tiles exist. The four wind tiles represent each of the four directions — north, east, south, and west. The three types of dragon tiles are red, green, and white.

Also, there are four of each of these tiles as well, for a total of 28 more tiles. Before shuffling, a dealer is chosen, usually by rolling a die. The tiles are then placed face down on the table, and each player moves them around to shuffle them.

Each player then gathers 36 tiles and places them in groups of two, arranging them to make a wall. All of the walls are then pushed together to make a square. Players then choose their tiles. Hands usually consist of 13 tiles. The game is played by picking up and discarding tiles in order to make sets and matches, and it is often compared to the card game rummy.

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