What is the hottest temperature recorded in the us

what is the hottest temperature recorded in the us

The hottest recorded temperature in every state and DC

In particular, Phoenix, Arizona, had its hottest month ever recorded, with an average temperature of degrees F. Also on August 16, Death Valley in California reported a high temperature of degrees F. If verified, this temperature would be the hottest August temperature on record for the U.S. This summer has been a scorcher in many parts of the nation, but this sweat-inducing heat has nothing on the highest temperature ever recorded in the United States, the whopping degrees.

Whenever a stretch of very hot temperatures arrives the question becomes how hot will it get and will any records be broken. Thr map above shows the hottest temperature on record for each state, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration NOAA and the data may be surprising to some. Ttemperature of whether new high temperature records are set, heat should be taken seriously as it is the weather event that produces the most fatalities each year.

Knowing the highest temperature that has been reached teach me how to pray chords your state may help to understand just how dangerous the heat can be, especially when dew points are taken into account.

Every state, including Alaska and Hawaii, have recorded a high temperature of at least degreesaccording to NOAA, with many states well above degrees. It is no surprise that the hottest temperatures in the U. In fact, the highest hothest recorded in California, degrees, is also the current hottest air temperature on record on Earth and was measured in Death Valley, California, on July 10, temperaturf Most of the Plains states, which also can be an area with extreme heat and large temperature variations, have recorded temperatures over degrees.

A high temperature of degrees was measured as far north as Steele, North Dakota on July 6, and many of the records in the Plains were set induring thhe peak of the Dust Bowl. Oklahoma, for instance, reached its record of degrees four times and in three different locations in the summer of The Pacific Northwest and the Midwest also recorde numerous states with records over degrees. For example, the hottest temperature recorded in Oregon is degrees which was set twice inonce on July 29 in Prineville and then on August 10 in Pendleton.

Two locations also hold the record of degrees in Missouri and both occurred on the same day, July 14, Record temperatures in the Northeast and South are not as hot as in the West, but there are still some notable records. The degree record for Maryland was first set on July 3,in Boettcherville, but has since been tied five times in three temeprature. One of the most recent state records was recordee in Columbia, How to remove excess caulk from bathtub Carolina on June 29, when the mercury soared to degrees.

Also of interest is that Alaska and Hawaii share the same record high temperature of degrees. Daily 18 Today. Climate and Weather. By Linda Lam June 20, Hidden Weather Icon Symbols.

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Aug 29,  · But recently, the temperature in the death valley region shot to an overwhelming degrees on the Fahrenheit scale. Although that temperature hasn't broken the all-time record of the highest temperature ever recorded in the USA, it very much reminds us of it. Back in , Death Valley had experienced a scorching degrees. 57 rows · The following table lists the highest and lowest temperatures recorded in the 50 U.S. . Daily Temperature Records and Normals. Weather Extremes & Top 10s. Local Programs. Amateur Radio. CoCoRaHS. Blacksburg SKYWARN. Educational Resources. Experimental Probabilistic Rainfall Forecast. Forecast Maps and Models.

This summer has been a scorcher in many parts of the nation, but this sweat-inducing heat has nothing on the highest temperature ever recorded in the United States, the whopping degrees Fahrenheit that sent the mercury soaring in Death Valley on July 10, Death Valley , as its name suggests, is famous as the hottest, driest, lowest place in North America.

Average highs in the summer months in these barren salt flats regularly hit above degrees Fahrenheit 38 degrees Celsius. The greatest number of consecutive days with a maximum temperature of F or above was days in the summer of , according to the U. The summer of had 40 days over F, and days over F, making it the hottest summer on record.

The valley's low elevation at feet 86 meters below sea level and its long, narrow shape help influence its scorching summer temperatures. Dry, cloudless air and sparse vegetation allow the sun to seriously heat up the valley floor.

The heat that comes off the rocks and dirt is then driven back down by the high walls of the valley. As it descends, this only-slightly-cooler air heats up again. This super-heated air blows through the valley, fueling the extreme temperatures , according to the USGS. In , the first permanent weather station was established at what is now Furnace Creek Ranch. On July 10, , the weather station measured a record high of F 57 C , a temperature that has not been beat anywhere in the United States since.

On Sept. This record remains controversial, though. This temperature was considerably higher than in nearby towns, as was noticed by meteorologists several years later, according to Weather Underground's Wunder Blog.

One problem with the reading was that the thermometer was "self-registering," implying that no human confirmed the temperature reading. Another was that the thermometer was placed very close to the surface, which was covered with tarred concrete, which could have absorbed the sun's rays and artificially inflated the temperature reading. The World Meteorological Organization notes the work of Italian scientists who calculated that the temperature probably should have been If this were the case, the Death Valley temperature would be the highest ever recorded.

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