What kind of cough medicine can a diabetic take

what kind of cough medicine can a diabetic take

What Kind of Cold Medicine Should Diabetics Take?

Diabetic Cough Medicine. Nobody likes having a nasty cough. But for people with diabetes, treating a cough can be especially tricky, as many over-the-counter cough products contain sugar, which. Sep 28,  · Symptoms: Pain and/or fever. Best options: Analgesic acetaminophen (Tylenol); aspirin. For fever and pain relief, look to analgesics, including aspirin and acetaminophen. Both are safe for most people and commonly nicefreedatingall.com: Diabetic Living Editors.

I have type 2 diabeties and I have a horrible cough that just won't go away. I also have high blood pressure amongest other conditions. I could aslk my dr. So I thought I would ask now that Iam thinking of asking. I couldn't really tell you, not familiar with med's you are on and interactions Sorry, things are so much more complicated when you are dealing with diabetes.

Even without that consideration, cough and cold meds are broken down by which specific symptoms you are experiencing. I agree, asking your doctor or pharmacist, who is familiar with what meds you are on is your best way to find out. Sorry I couldn't be more helpful. I hope this is valuable information but please be sure this is acceptable with the doctor.

Please tell your doctor when you remember too. Call him or her from home. High blood pressure and a cough that is chronic should be treated by your doctor. I hope you feel better soon. Don't know about the best cough medicinehowever, your cough may be a reaction to the type of blood pressure medication you are taking. Speak with your pharmacist or doctor about it. Still looking for answers?

Try searching for what you seek or ask your own question. What is the best diabetic cough and cold medicine to buy over the counter? Asked 25 Feb by Alicia Collins Updated 10 May Topics high blood pressurediabetes, type 2coughblood disordersmedicinediabetic I have type 2 diabeties and I have a horrible cough that just won't go away.

Answer this question. Answers 7. I have high blood pressure and am a type 2 diabetic what can I take for a bad cold? Answer this question Find similar questions.

Slurring of speech and imbalance at night time? Can you take indomethacin,hydrocodone,and diabetic medicine? High Blood Pressure - what blood pressure how to hide tool bar won't cause cough or wheezing?

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Can cough syrup treat diabetes?

Jun 05,  · There are over-the-counter remedies available without sugar, and if in doubt, your pharmacist should be able to point you in the right direction. In particular, Benylin Adult is sugar and alcohol free, and provides some relief from a non-productive (dry) cough. Apr 15,  · Cough medications like guaifenesin or dextromethorphan should also be used with precaution as a cold medicine for diabetics. Guaifenesin works by loosening up the mucus, making it easier to cough the mucus up. Dextromethorphan is another ingredient commonly found in cough medication which when used in recommended doses is safe for diabetics as well. Feb 25,  · It is true that I am not a physician but just happen to have type 2 Diabetes and I do know that for a middle age woman with this condition Robitussin DM makes a sugar free cough medication, I would ask her pharmacist/or/doctor since you mentioned she has other medical conditions just to be sure that this will be fine with him.

Join the community Does anyone else have a constant cough that leaves you breathless type 1 diabetic Does anyone else have a constant cough that leaves you breathless type 1 diabetic I'm Type 2, and before I was diagnosed I had a constant cough for about three months, its why I went to the doctor.

It disappeared once I had got my blood sugars under control. Does anyone else have a constant cough that leaves you breathless type 1 diabetic Yeah!! Had for about 3 years. Been to GP and been sent to hospital for all kinds of tests but everything came back 'normal' Are you taking an ACE inhibitor? After several years of taking one I developed a continuous cough, changing to an ARB cured the problem.

I also had a constant cough which I thought was due to the flu but that didn't go away for weeks after. I just got diagnosed with type 2 a month ago and I was about to go back to the doctor's about this cough but it seems to have disappeared.

I am getting my blood sugar under control by using a low-carb diet. There is no way of knowing what these things are, you must make an appointment and see your GP to get the answer.

I had a cough like the one you describe and left it and it didnt work out well for me as I later suffered 3 bouts of respiratory failure and ended up in intensive care. I was finally diagnosed with broncheictasis and mild COPD. So please go and see your GP and get it checked out, I wish I had done it sooner, then I could have avoided most of the problems I had.

Searching for relief for your runny nose, sore throat, or cough? Many over-the-counter cough, cold, and flu remedies list diabetes as an underlying condition that may indicate you should leave the medication on the shelf. The warnings are clear: "Ask a doctor before use if you have: heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes. Because illness causes your body to release stress hormones that naturally raise blood glucose, you'll want to be sure that over-the-counter medications won't increase blood glucose levels, too.

Simple Is Best for Cold Medicines Keep it simple by choosing an over-the-counter medication based on the types of ingredients proven to relieve your particular symptoms. Often a medication with just one ingredient is all you need to treat your symptoms rather than agents with multiple ingredients. If you decide to use a syrup, look for one that is sugar-free. If you can't find one, the small amount of sugar in a syrup will likely affect your blood sugar less than the illness itself, Meece says.

Many pharmacists recommend these products for people with diabetes. A constant cough can be disruptive for any person but when it comes to diabetics, it does complicate matters. For starters, a person with diabetes cannot just reach out for any over the counter OTC cough syrup because it is likely to be rich in sugar. Secondly, the cough is often the result of a cold and this puts additional stress on the body, causing blood sugar levels to rise.

Therefore, dealing with in diabetics requires much greater care and attention. If the cough and cold is the result of an infection, the body seeks to combat it by releasing greater quantities of hormones to fight the infection. While this is good for people without diabetes, it can create complications for diabetic persons because, as the American Diabetes Association explains, these hormones interfere with the action of insulin in the body.

Whether it is the natural insulin produced by the pancreas or the insulin a person receives as part of anti-diabetic therapy, this hormonal interference is likely to result in higher blood sugar levels. Composition of cough products Like all pharmaceutical formulations, OTC cough syrups contain certain active ingredients the actual drugs responsible for the therapeutic effect and some inactive materials solvents, coloring agents, flavoring agents and preservatives that help to give a palatable and aesthetic product.

You know the feeling. You wake up in the middle of the night with a burning feeling in your chest or throat. You might have a sour taste in your mouth or feel nauseated. Maybe your throat is sore or you sound hoarse when you talk. Or perhaps you start to wheeze or cough. Many of us have had some or all of these symptoms at one time or another.

But what if you have them all the time? But if you constantly have the symptoms I mentioned above, you might have a condition called gastroesophageal reflux disease, or GERD for short. GERD is a chronic condition in which the stomach acids and sometimes bile flows back into your esophagus the long tube between your mouth and your stomach.

The acids from your stomach irritate and burn the lining of your esophagus and can cause chest pain, a lump in your throat, hoarseness, and a sour taste in your mouth.

The acid can also spill into your lungs, leading to wheezing, pain, and shortness of breath. If these symptoms happen a few times a week, your doctor may diagnose you with GERD. Long-Term Risks No one likes having heartburn or other symptoms of acid reflux. Tracheomalacia TM refers to loss of tracheal rigidity and resulting susceptibility to collapse.

It is usually an incidental finding during investigations of other illness. The main symptoms are dyspnoea, cough, sputum production and hemoptysis.

Most cases are considered as respiratory infection and are treated symptomatically. How can dry cough be treated in a 60 year old diabetic and heart patient? The cough has been persisting for more than 7 days now. Cough is the simplest self-defense response of our body to throw out any unwanted allergens if it is exposed to them.

When a person has allergic or dry cough, body starts producing more mucous to fight allergens, this mucous starts clogging the airways and nasal cavity. Clogged airways are cleansed by the body by either coughing or sneezing. So this cycle of mucous production and coughing goes on. In case of allergic cough, this mucous is really thin and does not easily come out but it starts irritating the nasal cavity and throat, leading to persistent dry cough. The best way to treat dry cough is by ensuring that mucous is removed from the body.

Traditional medicines like anti-allergics control the production of mucous but they have to be taken quite frequently with certain side effects.

Salt therapy is a very effective treatment to remove mucus without medication. Salt is inhaled through the nose, as it enters the nasal cavity it starts reacting with the mucous present there since salt is inherently mucolytic by nature. Salt cleanses the airways and patients can breathe better with no symptoms of cough. It is very popular in US and Europe and is now available in India too. What is written is not to be taken as medical advice or opinion As a type 1 diabetic I have injected insulin every day for over 50 years and cannot in any way convince myself that insulin itself has caused me to have any form of cough.

Furthermore in my reading and educating myself about diabetes I have not seen any reference, discussion or anecdote to suggest a conneection between insulin and cough of any type.

Therefore, dealing with cough in diabetics requires much greater care and attention. Cold, cough and blood sugar whats the link? Abstract Diabetes mellitus DM is a group of metabolic disease of all age groups especially the middle age and aged people. Diabetes can cause serious complications that involve multiple organs and physiological functions. The chronic hyperglycemia of diabetes is associated with long-term damage, dysfunction, and failure of various organs and systems.

Spirometry is a powerful tool used to detect, differentiate, follow and manage the patients with pulmonary disorders. Diabetic patients with a clinical history of respiratory complaints and any occupational and industrial exposure, in that condition, spirometry is more important to assess the risk and early diagnosis of lung disease.

My mother has diabetes and she has since had this dry cough thats so irritating and gives her chest pain besides she sometime has difficulty those around her should live with her with love and understanding, then let her seek medical advice and keep controlling blood sugar and all will be well.

The best solution is to bring down her sugar levels down and start medication for dry cough Let me give u some idea Take a Fresh Ginger of 1 inch and crush it and put it in the hot boiling water then add some tea powder Please do not use sugar and milk tell her to take a cup of this mixture every three hours in 2 days this dry cough will go please do not forget to continue your Diabetic medicines she is probably facing these problems when her blood sugar rises hyperglycemia , the better dosage of her either oral therapy or insulin medication and diet will help her feel good.

It is sad to read such misfortune. Diabetes is an indeed expensive terrible misfortune. After my dad completely managed to break free from the bondage of Diabetes i have personally embarked on a solo campaign to share this with other sufferers too. Your mom too can receive relief,so too will your wallet. I have the most confidence in this product my himself took that i take it myself.

Diabetics also suffer other infections and must be treated urgently has the immunity is lower and complications can arise faster. Our information shows that 3causes of Chronic cough are related to diabetes, or a family history of diabetes from a list of total causes. These diseases and conditions may be more likely causes of Chronic cough if the patient has diabetes,is at risk of diabetes, or has a family history of diabetes.

The full list of all possible causes for Chronic cough described in various sources is as follows: The following drugs, medications, substances or toxins may possibly cause Chronic cough as a side effect. This computer-generated list may be inaccurate or incomplete.

Always seek prompt professional medical advice about the causeof any symptom. Select from the following alphabetical view of conditions whichinclude a symptom of Chronic cough or choose View All. By using this site you agree to our Terms of Use. Information provided on this site is for informational purposes only; it is not intended as a substitute for advice from your own medical team.

The information on this site is not to be used for diagnosing or treating any health concerns you may have - please contact your physician or health care professional for all your medical needs.

Please see our Terms of Use. The survey findings are reported in the September issue of Diabetes Care. The medication, called an ACE inhibitor, includes such drugs as Vasotec enalapril , Capoten captopril , and Prinivil lisinopril.

ACE inhibitors have been shown to be the most effective medication for controlling blood pressure in diabetics. High blood pressure and type 2 diabetes often occur hand-in-hand, and the combination can damage the kidneys , eventually causing kidney failure.

None of the patients involved in the study were aware that Malini's team was investigating cough. Certainly awareness of the possibility of a side effect increases the chances that a patient might declare it," Malini says. Diabetes is a risk factor for heart failure, but a number of measures, including tight blood glucose control, can greatly reduce this risk. The heart is essentially a muscular pump that circulates about 2, gallons of blood throughout the body every day.

It has four chambers: two upper chambers called atria, which receive blood, and two lower chambers called ventricles, which pump blood out. The chambers are separated by four heart valves that open and close in such a way that blood flows only in the proper direction. Each heartbeat involves a series of expansions and contractions of the heart muscle, as the heart receives oxygen-depleted blood from the body, sends it to the lungs to release carbon dioxide and receive oxygen, and delivers the oxygen-rich blood to the heart and the rest of the body.

In congestive heart failure, the heart does not actually stop beating, but one or both of the ventricles become weak and unable to pump vigorously.

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